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-write more
-can't sleep
-have a lot of nosebleeds
-am generally more nostalgic
-stay inside too much
-have even more headaches than usual
-get to show off my tattoo
-can confortably plop down in a park for a whole afternoon
-have less apetite
-usually go to the movie theatre once a week
-listen to different CDs than in the winter (O_o)
-don't like having the windows open even though the air is suffocating inside

Oh yeah, meteorological summer has started. I had like 5 of these summer symptoms today. And they were not the pleasant ones. lol

I'm starting to get pretty excited for la St-Jean Baptiste, that we will celebrate on wednesday night. Though I still personally sometimes feel misty eyed with pride for my people and its history, the Nation Holiday is pretty much an excuse to party outside all night long with half the city. The booze is bought, now we are crossing our fingers for good weather. :D

Gotta go, the cake in the fridge is calling my name.
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Woah. So basically everyone's gone Seb is gone to France and we gotta keep Fannie busy!!(and I'll say whatever I want about it, but no words can convey how grateful I am that this happened without me having to ask anything from anyone.) So on the 28th I was working at night, and the 29th Hubert the 2nd invited me over to his place and we watched the first three episedes of Firefly and I LOVED it. (can't wait to watch more!!) Yesterday I spent most of the day with Mom and we rented Breaking and Entering starring Jude Law and Juliette Binoche. It was an excellent movie. For some reason, when I'm with my mom I always seem to rent movies in which guys cheat on their wives, and this once, we actually still liked the cheating guy. He was an alright sort of bloke (and he was Jude Law. lol) Later that night, another of my friend came over and we played Mario Galaxy on the Wii. She left at about 3 am. Tonight, I went out with one of my friend who has been working out of town in a radio station and we went pretty wild on the one buck beers. (Her, her sister, Hubert the second and I) La Petite Grenouille was ON FIRE with people there for the labour day party. The signer guys were awesome too. Also, I'll go see Batman again on Tuesday night with Marie-C. (from the 30th Wii game night).

So basically, friends are <3. Especially when you think you don't have any and they suddenly pop out of nowhere to your rescue in the darkest times. <3<3<3

EDIT: I hate the Rich text format. It makes me feel stupid for remembering what little stupid piece of html I still know.
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Happy birthday, Hubert the 2nd. :)

Mmh. I'd like to make a very long post about books or movies or mangas or stuff, but really, I'm just back from the pub with some work mates of mine to celebrate one of my buddy's b-day and (I'm not a big beer drinker, y'see, I usually drink cocktails or just plain spirits) the beer was very tasty; spicy and citrus-y. And, quite frankly, I can't remember how to make an lj-cut. So I'll leave it at that for today and tomorrow, if I find the time, I'll look up my old html files on my other computer (which involves the frustrating process on crawling under the desk, de-plugging the computer I'm currently on and re-plugging all the wires into my old comp-y) and maybe then, I'll post something that might be a little more substantial than "Yay! I'm drunk! Beer is good."

In my defense, I have to say that I haven't touched any alcohol whatsoever since St-John The Baptist day, our National holiday, here in Quebec. (Over the years it has degenarated into a shameful 12 hours outdoor beer bash for the population. It's quite shameful, really, how proud my fellow citizens are to be such a party-oriented people...)

So farewell for now, and I am, in fact, not quite drunk and some beers are, indeed, very good.


Jan. 7th, 2006 01:52 am
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been drinking a lot lately... Oh well!
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*takes a deep breath* Aaah! Doesn't it smell new around here?? ^^;; eheh. Anyway, I was in need of serious changes and since I had trouble with my blog and had wanted to be a part of LJ for a long time, the opportunity seemed golden. I'm HTML stupid but I'm trying to learn. Cope with me ^^;;

My week-end has been the best in a long time. First, no work! I don't know how it happened, but I wasn't scheduled at all this week-end. *dances* So Friday night I went to Sabrina's place. She was having a small party and it was surprisingly fun. Now that most of my friends have boyfriends, it's kinda depressing to watch them kiss and snog. If at least it was Jessy and a nameless boyfriend *sigh* I miss Francis already. He was such a nice guy. Ok, our musical tastes and interests were north and south but he was really sweet. Jessy, get your ass on the dancefloor and get a new boyfriend. I'm in need of real in-front-of-me live gay snogging. Or maybe I'm just fed up with him trying to have serious conversations with me when I'm feeling fine.*sigh*

Fannie: *happyhappysmilyday!dancesdances!*
Jessy: So, how's your relationship with your mom?
Fannie: *twitch* No different than this morning when you asked.

So anyway, at about 2 o'clock am most of my friends were a)drunk, b) snogging c)sleeping on the floor d) all of the above. I rang my dad and he came to pick me up. We dropped Audrée, Alexandre, Marie-Hélène and Vincent at their respective places and I finally got back home where my brand new Queer as Folk 4th season DVD pack was waiting for me. I fell asleep on episode two and, instead of going to the marching band practice, spent all day in bed Saturday and devoured to season like a famished wolf. Sincerely! My dad seemed to find it very amusing, how I'd only come out of my room for food and apple juice. I was glued to the screen!

At around 5, Jonathan came by, we had planned earlier that week that we'd go to the movie theatre to watch Sin City. Though it went pretty hardcore with the tits and the ass (to quote Red Hot Chili Pepper 'Aeroplane' video producer), it was very well done, artistically speaking. I have to admit that some dialogues and the way some of the actors acted were not veryconvincing, but overall, it was very good and worth the 8.50$. I'm looking forward to a sequel.

Today was pretty much a lazy day too. I watched the two last episodes of QaF, moved some posters around on my bedroom walls in order to have spots of choice for my gorgeous, gorgeous, Placebo posters (*drool*), watched the first episode of the French version of the American series 'Desperate Housewives' which was quite funny and finally decided to go on the computer. I caught up on the few Sublunary (one of the only webcomic that I can get myself to follow) panels that I had missed, decided to create this account and spent the rest of the day creating icons.

That's what I call a pretty neat week-end! Back to school tomowrrow, I'm fed up with the Romeo and Juliet dama practice, can't believe I agreed to play Friar Laurence *rolls eyes* yeah, go ahead laugh, you ahve my permission. *hangs head in shame*. But overall I'm feeling quite fine and it feels good not to be depressed =)


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