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Aw. Crap. I accidentally deleted my lj gallery or whatever and the small amount of pics I had are gone. Now I have to go around the internet looking for pics of Kent Nagano, a BDSM yaoi manga, and my godson holding apples? I don't think so. *eyeroll*
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So urgh. It seems that speaking about health in my last post triggered it to come and bite back. I was pretty sick there for a couple of days, it was awful, couldn't keep anything down. I even had to miss some work because of it which was incredibly complicated and frustrating it seems.

Me: *Calling my boss at 8 am after a terrible bout of being sick*
Boss: Restaurant McCrappiestjobever, how may I help you?
Me: Urgh. Hi it's Fannie.
Boss: Hi! How are you doing, Fannie?
Me: Not so good, I was wondering if there was anyone who could take over my shift tonight, Im feeling prett--uurgh. i'llcallyoubackokbye uuurgh---
::Ten minutes later::
Me:*Calling my boss at 8:10 am after another terrible bout of being sick*
Boss: Restaurant McIdontgiveadamn, how may I help you?
Me: Hi it's Fannie again.
Boss: Hey there! How are you doing?
Me: ... Well actually I'm pretty sick.I was wondering if there was anyone available to take over my shift.
Boss: Oh sure you got some pen and paper? I'll give you some numbers.
Me: ... *kneeling in the bathroom, stares at toilet dumbfoundedly*
Boss: You ready?

So I actually had to place the calls myself ( being sick a couple of times in the meanwhile). 1st person is in school, I leave a message on her voicemail. Second person is in school as well, she doesn't have voicemail. Third and last person is an angel sent from above and he says yes. so I call back my boss to tell her so, everything is fine and go back to sleep, holding a plastic bucket.
9:30 am: 1st person calls back omg so sorry can't take your shift S'okay honey someone else took it. *is violently sick and goes back to sleep with bucket-kun*
10:15 am: Third person sends me a text message forgot i had an apointment 2nite any1 else can take ur shift? am in school call me at noon wtf you moron!?!? *falls asleep on the bathroom floor*
11:00 am: 2nd person calls back, I explain situation oh so sorry can't blah blah K thnx bye uuuurgh
12:15 pm: Third person calls back so anyone available Why can't you just leave me alone!! I just want to be sick in peace please, let me be sick in peace *bawls* (it seems his apointment wasn't all that important after all *eyeroll*)
13:30 pm: assistant manager calls(she actually takes care of another floor, the whole staff works at two different places) what's going on? 3rd person called me this morning about your shift why didn't call me *whinewhine* first of all, because it's got nothing to do with you, it's not me working on your floor tonight, you would have seen that if you had looked at your schedule which is right next to the phone, by the way and I made that quite clear with third person, I don't know why he called you, but I arranged everything with Boss this morning. Second of all, oh, I don't know, maybe because I've been too busy BEING F*CKING SICK ALL OVER THE PLACE.

At that point I decided it might be a good idea to turn off my cellphone since I didn't want third person to change his mind a second time or for, oh, I don't know, the whole staff to start calling me while I'm barfing my head off.

I was completely miserable. I'm glad I only had one shift on those couple of days I was sick, seeing as I would have rather quit my job than having to live through that bleeding circus for four days.

I'm all better now, thanks to some peace and quiet. *snorts*
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So, I was basically cruising the internet in search of confirmation of the Rock'n Roll prophecy that sealed my destiny about ten years before my birth (See entry title) when I came upon this:

Yeah | Reviewer: Your mom | 8/19/2007

I don't think Freddy Mercury was gay like a lot of you guys think. I think he was Bi and he dug chicks and fat chicks that's why he wrote this song. Most guys who are purely gay don't get into rock music, unless you're like, the village people or something.

-From a review on the lyrics of Fat Bottomed Girls by Queen

Funniest. Thing. In a While.

I seriously couldn't stop laughing for ten minutes. It almost beats the guy who wrote a distressed message to a sex columnist because he was worried over the fact that his girlfriend hadn't been getting her period... since she'd gotten pregnant. Seriously. The guy was worried that there was something wrong and that the baby might (get this) drown in all that blood.

And they say ignorance is bliss...


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