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Title: An Old Hand-Me-Down Jumper (Or Something)
Author: [ profile] fanny_moon
Word count: 5500
Fandom: Harry Potter
Character/Pairing: Sirius/Remus, James/Lily, Peter
Rating and warnings: NC-17 for rampant homosexuality, cigarettes, language, implied sex, frottage and handjob.
Disclaimer Harry Potter Belongs to J.K. Rowling, I am merely playing. “Frankly Mr Shankly” belongs to The Smiths, I am merely inspired.
Summary: Theme 19: Itch. Upon their return from a nine months long trip they took right after graduation, Sirius and Remus are unsettled by the drudgery of real life.
Dedication: This is my tribute to all of you fandom celebrities, who keep our ship healthy and alive. Don’t make me list names, I’m sure you guys know who you are.
A/N: I was greatly inspired by “Frankly, Mr. Shankly” by The Smiths so I had fun inserting references to the song in the fic (apart from the italicized excerpts, of course). Do tell me if you track them down.
Welcome to Padfoot and Moony's decadent den of disastrous disorder! )

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Title: Of Ends and Beginnings
Author/Artist: fanny_moon
Rating: PG
Character/Pairing: Sirius/Remus, Remus/Tonks
Fandom: Harry Potter
Words: around 1500
Theme: # 12: Children
Summary: Two eras, two lovers, two sons. Still, not much has changed in Remus Lupin’s heart.

Remus, have you ever thought you might like to have children? )

x-posted to my journal, [ profile] remusxsiriusand [ profile] 64damn_prompts
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Title: Gathering Dust
Author: [ profile] fanny_moon
Rating: PG
Genre: Angst, one shot
Words: 1003
Summary: Remus trying to deal in the first few weeks after Halloween 1981.
Warning: Pretty accurate depiction of depression, implied slash.
Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter and I make no money out of this.
A/N: It has been a very long while since I wrote fanfiction please bear with me. Comments are adored and constructive criticism is more than welcome.

Remus wonders if beauty will come back to put colours into life the way it used to...

Wow. it had been very long since I last wrote fanfiction. I think it turned out ok.
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Comic 13 in wihch Ginny and Tonks have a meaningful conversation.
Comic 13 )

Comic 14 in which the author licks her post-HBP shipper's wounds.
Comic 14 )

Comic 15 in which the author felt no particular need to be funny.
Comic 15 )

See you in Comic 16 in which my GoF-inspired toons begin.


Dec. 1st, 2005 11:33 am
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[36]HP text only Icons
[9] Bases
Corel Photo House and Paint
Credit: All text is lyrics from "Magic Works" written by Jarvis Cocker, Icons and bases by [ profile] fanny_moon
Please Comment!

No, no, no this magic can't die! )

HP stuff

Dec. 1st, 2005 11:13 am
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HP Quiz )

*giggles* I expected this somehow. I so wanted to be Ginny in GoF to waltz with cute, cute Neville *loves*

*happy sigh*

Been reading lotsa different things lately. I'm glad my ship horizon seems to have enlarged. I can usually read only one ship at a time. I'm weird, I know. I'm still looking for that Percy/Justin F-F fic I read a couple of times a while ago. I think it was at FF.Net, but I can't seem to find it anywhere... *wails* I'll be posting a batch of icons soon. Just let me get them up and running on photobucket.
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Title: Tomorrow
By: [ profile] fanny_moon
Fandom: Harry Potter
Pairing: Viktor/Cedric
Genre: PWP/Angst
Rating: NC-17... So NC-17 it isn't even funny ( no wait, yes it is.XP)
A/N:Omg... omg... I wrote smut. I wrote smut. o_o My very, very first Nc-17 piece. Omg...

Tomorrow )


Nov. 14th, 2005 09:21 pm
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Omg O_O...
On my Harry Potter shelf I have my HP books, SS, CoS and PoA in French pocket edition, GoF in French large editon and OotP and HBP in english normal edition, the HP glasses picture frame that Jessy got me 5 years ago (with slashy pics of Harry and Ron in them heehee), SS and CoS' dvd cases plus my two tiny fav neopet plushies. They are Lupes. (They look like dogs or wolves) One is pale blue and beige and the other is dark blue with yeallow stars on him. And when I got them they instantly became to me Moony and Padfoot. On my shelf I placed them so the tip of their noses touch so it kinda looks like they're eskimo kissing. I was thinking about how I never noticed before that Sirius and Remus are the back cover of the Gallimard French pockt edition when HBB just sorta fell and sent Moony and Padfoot flying in two opposite ways. Which brieng me to now. I'm just glaring at HBP thinking "You DIDN'T sink my ship! It's still canon!>.>" Image hosted by

anyway... that happened right when I clicked the "update button so that's obviously not what I wanted to write about u_u;;

Been reading lotsa Harry/Ron lately. I'm quite happy about getting back into that pairing it used to be my hp OTP but now it's sharing the stage with Sirius/Remus. I drew that ridiculous fanart of Harry and Ron... naked! haha... my first time seriously trying to draw something of the sort hee hee. Well it's quite innocent really. It derives from an idea I had since back in '03 when I was mainly writing H/R it was more an image really that I wanted to use for a fic but it never did come up. it was of Ron lying naked with his arm outstreched and Harry, equally naked lying on top of him. After reading Mad Martha's "Coming Home" I felt like drawing and the only Harry/Ron stuff I could picture was that but I know I'm crap at percpective so I decided to try on a recycling sheet first. That was a mistake. I didn't draw exactly what I had in mind but it turned out quite okay. Good enough for me not being able to re-do it in my sketch book on decent paper >.<. Anyway. H and R seem to be in their late twenties. Ron is lying in a carpet on the floor with one arm outstreched and the other crooked above his head, naked, and all stubly looking up with a smile at Harry, who is standing equally naked and equallyc stubly with a hand on his hip and the outher reaching out to Ron. He's got that smirk that says "You were so hot last night that you burnt a hole through that carpet, Luv." Ha! I'd quite like it if it wasn't that their boyparts are all wrong and the proportions and perceptions aren't right but *shrugs*. It changed from what I usually draw. (well I *did* draw that quite steamy though unexplicit Sirius/Remus pic that had my friend going "are these two lesbians?" at it and me going O_O then >.< at him. Long hair doesn't mean girly, Jo! humph. I would've tought you knew what a man's chest looked like!)

Phew. My first semester in St-Lawrence is drawing to its end. Last day of class is Dec. 1st and exams are from there up to the 16th. There Christmas hols and I go back for the second semsester on Jan 16th. and the next Saturday, Jan. 21st is my BIRTHDAY!! =D The big one! Finally!

Can't wait for GoF! Thank God I haven't watched any of the previews and trailers and clips and vids and stuff running around the internet. I only saw a very brief preview at the theatre that was enough for me to grab Jessy's arm until it turned blue and I am quite satisfied. I mean... now they all feel like they've watched the whole movie already... doesn't that take away the squishy feeling you have all troughout the movie thinking "This is it! OMG! I'm watching it! This is it! I wish this moment never ends! Man! Rupert is so hot! erh I mean... erh..." I'm giong to see it at the IMAX theatre. I hope there is a midnight showing!! *bounces*

Comic 12

Oct. 23rd, 2005 11:20 pm
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Comic 12 ) in which the author gets annoyed with the fandom.

Comic 11

Oct. 7th, 2005 11:05 am
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I pulled an all-nighter and finished all my homework! I'm on a caffeine/sugar high!*bouncebounce*
Well anyway, One whole week free, here I come!
*ish suddenly tired* guuuyh...

Here goes comic eleven in which I make a statement about the general media reaction when a HP movie comes out.
Comic 11 )
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Here goes Comic 9 in which Luna is being weird and Hermione is weirded out and Comic 10 in which Ron gets his definite hairdo!
Comic 9 +10 )
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Icons! )

I'm back with my crappy Paint icons! Take as many as you wish if you consider them good enough. No need to credit just... don't pretend you made them okay?

Comic 8

Sep. 2nd, 2005 10:28 am
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I've been a very bad person and haven't updated in ages, but a lot of things have happened recently and bleh, (will continue in another post so I don't spam my own comic post. u_u;;
Here goes comic 8 in wich Malfoy has some more fun in a broom closet...
Comic 8 )
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*squeal of utter joy*

It aproximately went like this:

New friend: Let's exchange e-mails!
Me: Ok!
New friend: I may not add you to my msn just now 'cuz my computer's in repair.
Me: That's ok.
New friend: I can't wait 'till I have it back! I have like 130 something e-mails to read!
Me: O.o
Her:Yeah... cuz you see I read a lot on the internet...
Me:*raises an eyebrow and leans in*
Her:I read what is called fanfictions- you probably don't know what that is- and I get these notices when an author updates a story I like.
Me: *Raises a second eyebrow and conceals a squeal* I do read fanfictions.
Her: o_o Reallly?

and then she stated on that list of HP fics I just *had* to read lol and after a while she goes:

Her: Oh! and there's that story. *whisper* it's a slash *whisper*
Me: O_O *internal squeal* Oh I do read slash.

muahahahahahaha! then she went on and on about these H/D, HP/SS stories and even if I've never been a H/D shipper I was just so glad to have found a real live person like me, that it did make me want to go read 'em all. She likes her slash and she likes it hot. lol u_u;; a bit after that she goes:

Her:*unsure* So you do read slash?
Me: *nod*
Her: Did you happen upon some... interesting fan made images?
Me: *devious grin* the ones that make you shut the door of the computer room?
Her:*nodnod* the ones that make you go "ah! so that's how it works!"


I'm so very blessed to have found someone who likes basically most of the stuff I like. OUr ships don't converge, but we were still both squealing about mpreg while "researching about Amistemenes" (can't remember how to spell his name and I'm doing an oral presentation about him! u_u;;). I was thinking so much about you, Stacy and your love of mpreg. Wish you could have been there. It was a happy moment. I wish to share more happy moment with you. *misses you*

I did pull a bit of my easy-going, friendly and outspoken "stunt" on her. Which is a mechanism I turn to when I'm confident around a person, which is good news. She must think I'm some kind of friend magnet or something, by the number of high school friends who goes to the same college as me and the ones who often visit... =S Weird weird weird that she might see me that way, as we all know how much of a social fuck up I am deep down. ^^;; but I sure ain't going to play the card of pity on her! I wuold prefer to bring up my issues carefully. This is going to work, this is going to work. I'm am going to keep this new friend and *not* scare her away with strange behaviours *crosses fingers*

still too tired to copy/paste comics. sorry guys. School is awesome but so tiring... the effects are felt at work and towards the end of this post, where i get too lazy to capitalize. shoot me.
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Holà a todos y a todas! Pepita here! :)

I made a friend!!! She's into HP and LoTR and Tolkien and I haven't mentioned slash yet but she did mention a behind the scene footage of 2 guys kissing ( she was talking so fast I didn't get it all u_u;;) it concerned Sam's wedding scene and Sean not being in the mood and Dom or Billy kissing him to cheer him up. Or something O.o weeeee! I never actually had rl friend who was into the same stuff as me and I'm really excited about it. *crosses fingers and hopes it turns out well* Haha! we were both squealing and pouting about HBP at lunch time.

No comic today because I don't feel like copy/pasting tags and links and html. they tire me. ha! shoot me for my laziness.

I got some homework to do. Write a small text comparing uni in germany and uni in quebec (ha! As if I've ever been to uni! u_u;;) copy my german notes into another notebook, read some more of 'Sophie's World' and read half of Gide's 'L'Immoraliste'.

After school I was supposed to go shopping with Jessy but something came up and he couldn't come. *big hug* I love you dear. I'm really sorry. I hope you can find it in you to stand again and face the world with a smile. You know you can lean on me don't you?

I was very saddened about it so I went shopping alone because I'm a girl and it's proven that shopping makes girl feel better u_u;;. Bought the fourth issue of CLAMPS anthology magazines. (Sei-chan chess piece!!!!! ^_____^=) and MARS vol 8 and 9 which were very good.
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Title: À La Claire Fontaine
Fandom: Harry Potter
Disclaimer: Rowling's , Not Mine.
Rating:G erh... K...
Genre: Romance, fluff, a tiny winy bit of angst.
Summary:Set in MPPW-era. Mid-fifth year, the boys are not animagi yet. The morning after a bad full moon, Sirius and Remus have a talk. Fluffy things happen. Pre-slash Sirius/Remus. Think two teenage boys. Think awkward. Very awkward. Unsure, hesitant, unresolved sexual tension.

Read more... )

Mmmh... Can't figure out how I actually figured out all these HTML... Anyway. I guess it feels like the end is kinda rushed but I did mean for it to end this abruptly from the beginning, although I do agree the end needs to be revised. It feels good to have finally finished a fic, though. ^^= I'll probably put it up on FF.Net tomorrow. For now.... Oyasumi Nasai!


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