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I don't think I've ever mentionned my love for classical music. (I don't remember if I even listed it in my interests, oh well.) I love classical music and I think Beethoven's ninth is te greatest song ever to have been written.

Also, I'm in love with Montreal's Symphonic Orchestra's Maestro; Kent Nagano.

Welcome, Maestro Kent Nagano, to Montreal. We already love you. Mostly because you have rock star hair, and because you get so intense when you conduct that you look like a Samurai warrior in an action movie.
was sais about him when he first arrived in Montreal in 2006.
Switch "samurai warrior" for "Seme" and "action movie" for "yaoi manga" and you get an inkling of why I fell in passion with him at the beginning. But oh! Intense is really the word for him. That hair of his, slighly streaked with grey, flying about as he savagely gestures with his whole body. And his proud smile when he turns to salute the crowd after a song. And how he wears those glasses when he reads speaches for the press. And his adorable, heavily accented French. (I love someone who puts an effort into learning French. God knows Montreal has become so depressingly bilingual)

So when I learnt that the Montreal Symphonic Orchestra was going to be playing the ninth at the Bell Center to comemorate the 100th anniversary of Montreal's hockey team Les Canadiens and the 75th anniversary of the MSO I hopped in a car with a few friends and made the trip.

It was memorable. I cried most of the way through. The music goes right through my body straight to my heart and soul, which tremble and sing as the chords of the violas, violins, harps and cellos. *content sigh*

Also, we slept in a charming youth hostel. It was my first experience and I'd go back anytime. We were roomed with a guy from France who had just arrived in Canada and had a funny discussion about Quebec's inferiority complex. We taught him swear words and such. (Yes we speak french, but no, we don't swear like the French. ;) )
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So. A majority for Jean Charest's Liberals, huh? I'm disguisted with my province. Not because they elected the liberals, I expected that much, and in and of itself, it doesn't bother me all that much... What maddens me is the ridiculous participation rate: 57,3% . It's not as if it was hard or if they had to go very far. They just can't be bothered. Oh and it was cold outside that day. Cold?!? I mean when did that become a rightful reason to deny your civilian right and duty. Democracy is a privilege that barely over half of they Quebecois seem to grasp and I am disgusted. How do we get, as a province, to bitch and whine about independency if you can't be arsed to choose our own government.

I am also saddened by Mario Dumont's departure as the leader of the Action Democratique du Quebec. I fear this party will lose all of its remaining supports if they make a faux-pas (which is most liekly to happen) choosing their new leader. I'd vouch for Sylvain Legare, but I don't think he will be interested in the position seeing as his son was born on the day of the election, I think he'll want to spend some time wit his family.

December 8th was also the anniversary of John Lennon's premature death 28 years ago. My heart clenches when I think about it. Such a loss.
Paul McCartney really did make me cry this summer when I saw him live. "And now, I sing this song for my frind John." He said solemly before he offered a beautiful rendition of Give Peace a Chance.

Edit: Oh, and the Icon is totally unrelated with my post but I just fished it out of my really old icon den and it never fails to make me laugh. ^_^
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Firstly because I haven't posted in a while (in my own manic standards), and secondly because I feel like crap, rolled in needy and insecure, served in a shiny okay wrapping, because, you know, can't make people around me worry.

Unecessary long report of my two days in Montreal )

Wow. Well that was quite long and un-edited. Haha.
Here's a hilarious video by Hawksley Workman. I have actually written an essay about the sexual symbolism in this particular videoclip, it just drips with it. In the end, it even pans out to a completely white sky. *giggles* How much more subjective can you get? Apparently much much more as this shall prove:
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(posting hawksley workman style, yo) lol

If I wanted to go about this chronologically-like, this would be the post where I would review my Envol et Macadam show of last Friday. I wanted to do this right and long and analytical, but as time goes, the chance of that happening are getting pretty slim so I'll say that:
-Hustle Apostle, the very first act was refreshing. They had an exotic sound and even though their music is not going to be remembered through the ages, it was one of the most entertaining opening act I have seen. (The Mars Volta holding a solid first place). Singer was attractive enough, he had a movieverse! Lupin sort of mustache but his kickin' and groovin' dance moves made up for it. Bonus point for a very heartfelt anti-Harper political message. (i love living in a country where you get cheered for calling the Prime Minister and f*cking dumba**) *grins* Canada is currently in electoral campaign. But that's another topic.
-The Stills consist of five black-clad young men who have a very precise dynamic. Drummer guy is the typical greasy long haired guy,  bass guitar guy is the hype little joker with a cute haircut, keyboardist is the poet type with the artsy hat and clean sort of facial hair, and the two singer guitarst have this sort of dual act going on where one is clearly supposed to pose as the don't-give-a-damn ruggedly handsome rebel rocker and the other is more the usual front-man-sy  rock guy who pours his soul into his music. Nice bits of bancest going on with the whole "guitar as an extension for my penis", but it could all be happening in my slash-crazed brain. I didn't think much of them when I saw them opening for Paul McCartney but this time I got more into their music and might consider buying their cd. I've been big on encouraging the Quebecois music and movie industry lately. yayz oh and gold star for a slight anti-Harper political massage as well.  *
-Metric. Now that's the band I was originally wanting to see in the first place. (redundant much?)  And they didn't disapoint. Although I am quite partial to their first album and they only played one song from it. :/ I got to hold both Emily Haines' hands and give her a sort of hug, Yay she is such a pretty and genuine sorta girl! They were adored by the public and had tremendous energy. I would only have liked for their set to last longer. Terrific performance!
-Last but not least, Bloc Party   were very much crowd pleasers and their charm worked on me. I bought one of their cd the next day. I'm enamoured with their geeky asian drummer. <3 hee.

So, general experience, it was an amazing gig and I'm glad I went :D
Meme type thing, because it's fun and it's been very long since I did one )
*points icon* Those are my lips. Hee. ^^
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One of my gal pal recently accused me of being careless towards my personal well-being. It kind of shocked me. We're close, but not all that close. Of course, I huffed and objected but she pointed out these things that I never really thought of as being self-destructive. Like the fact that I never went to the dentist when my wisdom teeth came out or that I always pick at a scab until the wound is healed. She is mostly right. My mother always says the same but, you know, she's my mother. That's what moms do. Oh well, I guess there is just this huge list of things I should do or change in order to take better care of myself and it's kind of depressing to think of all these things I'm doing wrong, or would have to start doing. Like my health care card. It expired in January and I never had it made again. Which incidentially means that I can't change my held-up-by-tape-and-that-gummy-stuff-you-use-to-stick-posters-to-walls-glasses (that I found abandonned on a windowsill downtown, by the by. I know. I fail.) And my wisdom teeth. Yeah, my wisdom teeth. They've been coming out for years now but they don't hurt anymore. I just hope they won't spring a surprise infection on me or something. That'd be awful. Then I would really have to go to the dentist and he'd find all these other cavities I have. At least two of my molars. That I am sure of. Oh and I'd also probably have to swing by Dr. D's in order to show him that I'm still alive even though I stopped consultations and medications mid-treatment. Well now, what a depressing thing to be talking about.

In all honnesty, I'm very relieved. I've been in a spectacular mood for the last two weeks. I honnestly thought I was going to be a mess. A spectacular mess.I haven't had bad thoughts or even cried at all. I even tidied up and cleaned my whole bedroom yesterday. There are even sheets on my bed and everything. I don't things I've slept in sheets for more than a year now. Wow. Here's to taking better care of myself in a better environement!

In other news, on Friday the 12th, I am going to see Metric at the ENVOL & MACADAM festival. I missed them in July '07 when they were in Quebec for the Festival d'Ete and I was pissy about it all year long, now I'm glad I'll get to really see them. They will be performing with:
*Apostle of Hustle (another canadian band)
*The Stills (that I saw in August opening for Sir Paul McCartney)
*Bloc Party (I hear they're pretty famous but I never heard their music)
It will also be my first attendance at the ENVOL & MACADAM festival. Can't wait.
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I'm sitting here staring at the screen, trying to collect my thoughts to write an entry. The habitual "Today's been a crappy day because so and so *whine* *whine* comes to my mind and I place my hands on the keyboard to start writing, but then I pause and think back on my day.

And I realize that my day, in fact, was not crappy. It was a very fine day. Nothing special happened, it was not an extraordinary day, but it was a fine day.

And it feels good. To realize that every day is not automatically crappy just because I'm awake. It feels empowering.

It's like I've been on this uncontrollable slope, just sliding down and down for the longest time until I finally fell down on my butt and took a moment to absorb the shock and only NOW I'm finally starting to get back up on my feet. There's not much you can do about sliding uncontrolably, but you can't keep sitting on your arse forever, just assimilating. At some point you've got to get up and move on.

I feel like I'm there right now. And it feels good. :)

(I could blame the lame slide metaphor on the fact that I've been almost constantly listening to "Helter Skelter" since Paul McCartney's lovely show back in July.) (Or it could only look like I'm trying to pimp the fact that I saw Paul McCartney live in concert on July 20th. Which is exactly what I'm doing. Hee.)

When I get to the bottom I go back to the top of the slide
Where I stop and I turn and I go for a ride
Till I get to the bottom and I see you again!
Yeah Yeah Yeah!

-Helter Skelter, written by Lennon/McCartney.
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OMG OMG!!omgomgomg!

Hawksley Workman will be at the Cabaret du Capitole, Friday March 17 at 8h!
I am so, so excited about this! I'm buying my ticket right the minute I get my paycheck on Thursday!!!
I was just skimming though the Voir (A weekly cultural newspaper) and saw the ad! I squealed like you wouldn't believe in the middle of the school cafeteria! yayayayayayayayayay!!!!


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