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Well here's what's been going on with my life recently...
My favourite band released a new song in anticipation of their new album due for early june:

I've been feeling pretty "European" as my mother put it. Complete with French movie, French novels and beret. (kidding about the beret. I do own a few but they're all dusty.)
That second vid is not safe for work.Unless your workplace encourages the viewing of French young men frolicking on a bed while signing sad love songs.

That's from "Les Chansons D'Amour". A strange little musical that starts off with a guy involved in a ménage a trois with his girlfriend and another girl he works with and that ends up with that guy being with another guy. That's my kind of flick. :p

I've been reading Philipe Besson, who has a knack for writing short and painful novels.

There's also this one particular manga that's claimed my attenton over at yaoi_daily.

Here, Spring just took over everything. It's bright, cloudless, blue sky after bright, cloudless,blue sky. Some days I look up and I just can't breath. Spring and skippy yet profound The Smith's song "Mr. Shankly" inspired me a HP fic I hope to finish before the end of April.

Everything seems to be going just fine, but the paint is chipping away pretty fast. *half smile*

STACY!! Where are you? What's going on with you, honey? I'm worried.
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I decided to start this prompt thing, let's see how it's going to turn out...

Title: He Detonates
Author/Artist: fanny_moon
Character/Pairing: Domeki/Watanuki
Fandom: xXx-Holic
Theme: # 20 explode

“Hey” )
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Seba-kun is back, bearing sweet-smelling europenan gifts. (+ Tsubasa vol. 19; damn the french for getting mangas before we do! >.<)
My basement is just this little bit warmer, now. :)
Fannie is happy. <3
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Hnn. I finished watching the Fullmetal Alchemist anime this morning. I always feel so empty after finishing anime series. I own the movie but I don't want to watch it now, although I feel like I can't wait, really. I can't believe I waited so many years to buy the mangas on the sole account of  "but it will be like selling my soul to shonen..."  Haha. Been downloading a lot of scanlated yaoi, it's been a very long time since my local manga store received any new books, have to feed the obsession. *shrugs* ^^;;

Anyway, Seba-kun called yesterday and even though the connection was really bad, I was very glad to talk to him. 8 days 'til he gats back. Oh and he tells me he's been lurking round here. hehe. *blushes*

Oh wow, rented "My Blueberry Nights" starring Jude Law and Norah Jones with maman yesterday. It was love at first view. I don't think I've ever liked Jude Law more. He does excel in the uptights roles, but see what he can do when you let him play a more laid back character? I want to eat blueberry pie, now. Hee.

So, I think I'll beat the End-of-anime-blues by going out to a cafe and finish that poem I've been working on for almost a month now. This one is really eating at my brain, I cannot seem to find satisfaction in it, no matter how many times I re-write it. I do love it, though. It was spurned onto me when I briefly saw an old love of mine in the bus; im being so near without me being able to reach out to him. Yup.

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Happy New Year everyone. I hope you have a good one. May it be better than the last and less goood than the next. (is there an actual english wording of that expression? because it sounds awkward like that =S)

Haven't seen Brokeback mountain yet. Damn!... I tried not to spoil myself rotten but I'm sure I'll cry like a motherf*cker when I'll see it. I'm not that much of a sensitive person but yeah, "Boys don't cry" had my in a trembling mess of tears all balled up on my sofa. ( and it was the third time that I saw it eh. u_u;; ) Everytime the ad is on tv, I go *sobsob* in that fake manner (I always do that. I think people find it weird.) And my dad, (who doesn't find it that weird because he knows me ^_-) goes "Why do you want to see that cow-boy movie so bad? You never liked cow-boy movies before... unless it's that gay thing again... *eyes QaF dvd suspiciously* Oh well! Do buy it when it comes ou on dvd, yes?" ... O.o

Been spending way too many sleepless nights, but at laest they weren't spent alone and in order to finish uninteresting homework. More on that later, or another day, or never.

Went shopping with Laurie last Friday. I was cruising the english manga section when I saw the white words on te brown book spine. 'Wild Rock'. In retrospet, I understand the woman that was standing next for jumping at my "OH MY GOD!!!!O_O YAY!" Seeing my agitation my sister came towards me and saw that I was clutching the book ( whose cover consist of a very sexy, very half-naked Emba)

Laurie:*amused* That does seem like your kind of reading, sis.
Me: I've spent hours right-clicking-saving-as page by page of this off the internet!
Clerk-lady passing-by: Oh that one is prety hard core, I skimmed trouh it when we received it earlier.
Me: *blushes while thinking that Wild Rock is nowhere near what I consider Hard Core*
Laurie: Oh she knows! She's read it all already *beams*
Me:o_o erh... eheheh u_u;;; I checked out the scanlation on internet...*blushblushblush*

I wanted to write a very long random update but I really just want to go to sleep so yeah. More tomorrow if i feel like it.

Good night everyone. *waves*

(This is the first time that I will be using tags because I didn't know how to use them before. me <------- idiot)
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I basically had a very, very VERY shitty day at work. I served over 200 McBastards in the span of 6 hours while feeling like I was about to pass out. I don't like complaining at work because all the girls do it and it's annoying. ("Ooooh! my feet hurt so much!" "I'm on my period my tummy is killing me!" "I'm like soooooo hungover." ) and yeah anyway I've already had my fair share of attention at work. (Like that time I had a panic attack because I had forgotten my uniform home the day of the inspection/evaluation.) *sigh* anyway, I survived! *cheers* Please, please, please. For the sake of me, I know it's hard, but next time you go to McDo or anywhere else really, take a moment to actually *look* at the people serving you. They are human beings as well. They're smiling but inside they're dying to be anywhere alse doing anything else. Maybe they're sick. Maybe their boyfriend broke up with them the day before. Maybe their parents just annouced that they were getting divorce.

I went shopping Friday night with Seba-kun )

yay for the 6 userpics for free accounts! \^_^/
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... é_è was yesterday Buy Nothing Day? 'cuz I've been a bad girl u_u;;; Oh no wait! Buy nothing day is on the 25th.... which means... Friday?!? The people thinking these events up are complete dufus'. Friday for crying out loud! Oh well, I'll try but I can't promise anything.

Anyway, today I went to l'Imaginaire after school. I hadn't been for a little while and was sad to see that they got new clerks. I was getting used to being called by my name and being told what new items they had receive that they knew I'd like as soon as I set foot in the store. "Oh! Hey there Little Miss ! How're you? You'll be glad! I just received Tsubasa and xxx-Holic! Have you been here last week? because we received new Evangelion posters. One of them is with Kaworu!" *sigh* anyway. Maybe they are just being nice because they know they'll get my cash 'cause I'm a crazy compulsive buyer but anyway. Christ, even the owner, when he's there is almost crawling on the gound licking my shoes clean. This one time when they scanned my ting wrong and I beeped when I got out. He went straight to me and apologized like crazy. I opened my bag and he was "Oh! nonono! No need Little miss! I'm so sorry, wait 'till I catch that imcompetant." haha and while h was talking I actually opened my bag but I hadn't thought about the fact that I carried like 5 mangas ( of my own) so I went a bit o_o and he went "No need to worry! I know you buy here a lot!" hahah XD.

So anyway, I bought Tsubasa Volume 7 (can't wait for Vol 8 to come out! OMG! Sei-chan is looking for Hokuto and Subaru! *dies*) , XXX-Holic volume 6 and Mars vol. 0 (which is the story of how Rei and Tatsuya became friend, not about Rei and Sei, dufus new clerk >.>)

And, since I just got meself the biggest room in the house, i took the liberty to buy two new posters. One from CCS and one from Tsubasa ReserVOIR ChrOnicles. The CCS one is from Artbook one. The one with Syaoran, Yamazaki, Toya and Yuki Dressed in black with little demon wings and tails (very cute! I always loved that image!) and The Tsubasa one is Toya and Yuki! (couldn't resist the To-Ya/Yuki-ness, Stace-Tace, even after all these years =3)I was sure it was a chapter cover but skimming through my volumes I can't seem to findit... weird... Anyway, it's got Yuki with his High priest staff and toya sitting behind him and it's just plain cute. *squee* Ha! found it! It's the cover for Chap. 9 in Tankoubon 2.They're both windswept and smiling and cute. =3.

Urgh... better get back to my homework before it,s too late for me to concentrate on them

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Icons! )

I'm back with my crappy Paint icons! Take as many as you wish if you consider them good enough. No need to credit just... don't pretend you made them okay?
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Holà a todos y a todas! Pepita here! :)

I made a friend!!! She's into HP and LoTR and Tolkien and I haven't mentioned slash yet but she did mention a behind the scene footage of 2 guys kissing ( she was talking so fast I didn't get it all u_u;;) it concerned Sam's wedding scene and Sean not being in the mood and Dom or Billy kissing him to cheer him up. Or something O.o weeeee! I never actually had rl friend who was into the same stuff as me and I'm really excited about it. *crosses fingers and hopes it turns out well* Haha! we were both squealing and pouting about HBP at lunch time.

No comic today because I don't feel like copy/pasting tags and links and html. they tire me. ha! shoot me for my laziness.

I got some homework to do. Write a small text comparing uni in germany and uni in quebec (ha! As if I've ever been to uni! u_u;;) copy my german notes into another notebook, read some more of 'Sophie's World' and read half of Gide's 'L'Immoraliste'.

After school I was supposed to go shopping with Jessy but something came up and he couldn't come. *big hug* I love you dear. I'm really sorry. I hope you can find it in you to stand again and face the world with a smile. You know you can lean on me don't you?

I was very saddened about it so I went shopping alone because I'm a girl and it's proven that shopping makes girl feel better u_u;;. Bought the fourth issue of CLAMPS anthology magazines. (Sei-chan chess piece!!!!! ^_____^=) and MARS vol 8 and 9 which were very good.
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Just back from the marching band practice. and my pwetty Elhija Wood replica is still as cute as ever I hadn't went since the benefit concert. I think they were glad to see me. =D

Gah. If my fangirl life was made into a movie it'd probably be titled
"Not another ship" I guess I'm just not a OTP fangirl. Just when I think I'll finally get bored with fanfictions because I've read all the fanfictions about my current favourite ship's I could find... I find another ship... (Or I resort to original fics eh ^^;) Shoot me.

Ooh. The last rehearsal for the play was this afternoon. I think I did okay. I was never the kind of person that gets anxious about plays and oral presentations. As weird as it may sound coming from someone with my issues, I love to be on a scene, to show off in front of people. My head is such a mess hee. tch.

I miss you Steshi-chan. Has Uni already started?

Chris Martin's voice does strange things to me. *melts* I was afraid that I was over Coldplay but this morning I was just gonna read Kizuna (OMG!!! they brought Kizuna here in Quebec from France!! KIZUNA! F*CKING KIZUNA!!! *dies of yaoi overload*) in bed and get up late to go to school, you know, just be lazy and a bit depressed... but 'Speed of Sound' came on the radio and instantly Kizuna was forgotten and I got up and got ready with a huge smile on my face. Placebo makes me happy. But... but Coldplay... Coldplay makes me *happy* when consumed in small dose. *sigh* what would our world be without music *shakes head*

My mother keeps calling when I'm not home but we haven't received her answer yet and I don't know if I want to talk to her or not. I think that I'll just keep not answering her calls but if she calls while I'm here I'll answer the phone... Why me? I used to love her so much. She was such a source of inspiration. But now... now I can't help but to see her as weak. I see in her everything that I could become but absolutely don't want to become.

Je t'aime encore, maman... J'aurais juste voulu que tu aies le courage de le trouver, ton bonheur.


Apr. 17th, 2005 01:18 pm
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As soon as I turn my back l'Imaginaire receives tons and tons of stuff I need to buy! Laurie-neesan is going to be so pissed if she knows Para-Kiss 4 is out and I gotta buy it before it sells out! haven't bought it! ;-;. But right now, really, the priority definately is CLAMP ANTHOLOGY argh!! I want my paycheeeeeeck! can't wait until thursday! *dies* Anyway...

I love grocery shopping with my dad. ^^

Yesterday went surprisingly well. I had been having suspicions about the marching band. I had left because I felt I was too mentally f*cked up to stay. I left for five motnhs and in this lapse of time, I got extremely better. I rejoined, sure that this time I could make it, but it seems that it's making me worse... anyway, Saturday, it really went well. Everybody was nice and warm and I had a lot of fun ^^. I was so relieved...

I know it's shameful, but I really don't care if people pity me. I just want them to make me feel better, to care about me or make me believe they do. I don't care if I live in an illusion. I just want to stop feeling like the worse piece of sh*t all of the time.

Anyway, in the evening My sister and I had planned to go downtown and have a coffee in this nice coffee place, but we met Jo in the bus and we decided to go to the italian Ice cream parlour. *drool* Forget everything you know about Ice cream! Tutto Gellato is to ice cream what Pot of Gold is to box of chocolate! I had white chocolate and hazelnut, coconut and milk and honey. Soooo good ^^ then we went to the aracade and went back home.


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