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Sorry I'm not around as much these days, I got a new job and I'm putting in a lot of hours. :)

The Run Around Your House With Your Camera Picture Meme!!

Take out your camera, take pictures of the following and then show them to us! Ready, Go!

A sample of your handwriting:
This is one of my original french poem )

Your Wallet:
I think it's very cute! I love it! Sadly, it's pretty old and coming apart. I don't really want to have to buy a new one. )

An object that's your favorite color:
This is the softest blanket in the wolrd! It was given to me by one of my guy friend as a Christmas gift because he remembered purple was my favourite colour!  )

Something from your childhood:
This is Gaby, my favourite stuffed toy. + Surprise!Assbutt  )

A peek into your bathroom
Here's my ~beauty corner. haha In case you couldn't tell, I'm a huge Body Shop fan )

Something you bought in another country/city:
Here's my Tsubasa ReserVOIR ChrOnicles mousepad I bought in a manga/anime shop in Montreal's Chinatown. )

Something you like about your bedroom:
I adore this. I saw it in the window of the art shop at the mall I work at for a whole month and looked at it longinly everyday. I was pretty bad off with depression in those days and this captured exactly what it felt like being trapped inside your own head and not being able to get out of bed in the morning. My best friend bought it to me as a Christmas gift. I see it every morning when I get up. :) )

The best gift you've ever received
On my eighteenth birthday, my best friend paid for my awesome tattoo )

Your favorite pair of shoes:
These are so sleek! I feel incredibly sassy when I wear them! )

You're favorite purse:
It's so pretty I literally fell in love with it when I saw it. Plus the inside pattern amuses me )

Your favorite piece of clothing:
This is the tie I stole from my favourite signer, Hawksley Workman. I do wear it sometimes. )

Something you bought without much enthusiasm and ended up loving:
This is 'Oscar and Lucinda' by Peter Carey. I bought it at the used bookstore solely because it was dirt cheap and I was riveted by it. I thoroughly rec it. )

Something you bought with a lot of enthusiasm and ended up being bitterly disapointed in:
This is just the booklet. I was angry with the real thing thing I threw it in the trash. All three of them I stupidly bought. I'm never buying an iPod again, you can be sure of that. )

Something you drew, even if it's just a doodle:
I'm not particularly talented at drawing, but I do love it. I couldn't choose so here, have three! More info under the cut. Beware, poor quality! )

Oh my god this was so painful to code @_@
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[Error: unknown template qotd] I'll try to do a top ten list of my best moments of 2008, because with every year that ends comes the fear that the next will be exactly the same.

10- Trying another job for one day. It was scary and I ended up not taking the job, but I did it.
9-Getting Internet back.
8-Spending a few days at my uncle's cabin with some of my family on my father's side.
7-Stealing Hawksley Workman's necktie in Montreal in February.
6-My surprise birthday party. Thank you Seb, it meant a whole lot more to me than I've let you know.
5- My one week trip to Cuba with 20 of my co-workers
4-Seeing Paul McCartney live in concert. The dream of a lifetime.
3- My Godson learning to say "Aunty" and using it as much as he possibly can.
2- The Stars concert. I don't give a shit that nothing came out of it. I felt normal for the first time in my life.
1- Meeting Hawksley Workman in Montreal in November.
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I got tagged by [ profile] abitofadork7  to do this meme. So here it is! :)
Meme! )
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(posting hawksley workman style, yo) lol

If I wanted to go about this chronologically-like, this would be the post where I would review my Envol et Macadam show of last Friday. I wanted to do this right and long and analytical, but as time goes, the chance of that happening are getting pretty slim so I'll say that:
-Hustle Apostle, the very first act was refreshing. They had an exotic sound and even though their music is not going to be remembered through the ages, it was one of the most entertaining opening act I have seen. (The Mars Volta holding a solid first place). Singer was attractive enough, he had a movieverse! Lupin sort of mustache but his kickin' and groovin' dance moves made up for it. Bonus point for a very heartfelt anti-Harper political message. (i love living in a country where you get cheered for calling the Prime Minister and f*cking dumba**) *grins* Canada is currently in electoral campaign. But that's another topic.
-The Stills consist of five black-clad young men who have a very precise dynamic. Drummer guy is the typical greasy long haired guy,  bass guitar guy is the hype little joker with a cute haircut, keyboardist is the poet type with the artsy hat and clean sort of facial hair, and the two singer guitarst have this sort of dual act going on where one is clearly supposed to pose as the don't-give-a-damn ruggedly handsome rebel rocker and the other is more the usual front-man-sy  rock guy who pours his soul into his music. Nice bits of bancest going on with the whole "guitar as an extension for my penis", but it could all be happening in my slash-crazed brain. I didn't think much of them when I saw them opening for Paul McCartney but this time I got more into their music and might consider buying their cd. I've been big on encouraging the Quebecois music and movie industry lately. yayz oh and gold star for a slight anti-Harper political massage as well.  *
-Metric. Now that's the band I was originally wanting to see in the first place. (redundant much?)  And they didn't disapoint. Although I am quite partial to their first album and they only played one song from it. :/ I got to hold both Emily Haines' hands and give her a sort of hug, Yay she is such a pretty and genuine sorta girl! They were adored by the public and had tremendous energy. I would only have liked for their set to last longer. Terrific performance!
-Last but not least, Bloc Party   were very much crowd pleasers and their charm worked on me. I bought one of their cd the next day. I'm enamoured with their geeky asian drummer. <3 hee.

So, general experience, it was an amazing gig and I'm glad I went :D
Meme type thing, because it's fun and it's been very long since I did one )
*points icon* Those are my lips. Hee. ^^
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In order to see my evolution as an individual, let's compare my Review of 2004 to my review of 2005. Review of 2004 was written on Jan. 16 2005 and posted in "In My Place", my first blog.

Review of '05 )
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I was not ready, in this glorious morning, to be woken up by the drunken voice of..."LE PÈRE NOEL C'T'UN QÉBECOIS!!!!!!" Grrrr.
Can you see a Xmas tree and village taking the 1/3 of my living room? NO!
Can you see pretty lights hanging from the roof when you walk by my house? NO!
Did I buy anyone any present? NO!
I seriously don't want christmas to happen this year. I don't want it don'twantitdontwantit!!
Last year we still had Laurie so yeah, her and I made christmas tree and dad found it in him to decorate outside.
But now it's just him and I. And trust me, Christmas is not about to happen in here. *sigh*

I just found the printed copy of "Tomorrow" that one of my friend brought to college to read at lunch time... haha... that was quite a fun lunch hour, ne girls?

on to some memes now...
Memes )
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I so should be doing school related stuff. Like writing my Philosophical journal that I am supposed to hand in today. Or prepare my english exam that I'm having tomorrow. Or read that novel I'm writing my French exam about on thursday.
But no. Instead I'm feeding my unhealty obsession with Major Tom. I want my motivation baaaaaack!! *shakes angry fist at whoever took it away*
I used to LOVE doing the whole school thing. Learning stuff. Raising my hand Hermione way. Getting a smug/amused look when I knew something others students didn't know.
I am currently reading the Marxist Communist Manifesto ONE EFFING WORD AT A TIME! I'm so pissed at myself. *sigh*

Quiz thing about music )

HP stuff

Dec. 1st, 2005 11:13 am
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HP Quiz )

*giggles* I expected this somehow. I so wanted to be Ginny in GoF to waltz with cute, cute Neville *loves*

*happy sigh*

Been reading lotsa different things lately. I'm glad my ship horizon seems to have enlarged. I can usually read only one ship at a time. I'm weird, I know. I'm still looking for that Percy/Justin F-F fic I read a couple of times a while ago. I think it was at FF.Net, but I can't seem to find it anywhere... *wails* I'll be posting a batch of icons soon. Just let me get them up and running on photobucket.

Month meme

Jun. 5th, 2005 10:19 pm
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Stubborn and hard-hearted.
Ambitious and serious.
Loves to teach and be taught.
Always looking at people's flaws and weaknesses.
Likes to criticize.
Hardworking and productive.
Smart, neat and organized.
Sensitive and has deep thoughts.
Knows how to make others happy.
Quiet unless excited or tensed.
Rather reserved.
Highly attentive.
Resistant to illnesses but prone to colds.
Romantic but has difficulties expressing love.
Loves children. Loyal.
Has great social abilities yet easily jealous.
Very stubborn and money cautious.

1. Find your birth month in the cut and put it in an entry.
2. Italicize anything that doesn't apply to you.
3. Bold the BEST that apply to you.
4. Put all twelve months under a journal cut for someone else to do

the 12 months ) 
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01)Total volume of music on my computer: erh… well almost all of it is the cds I own that I copied into WMP because of this incident last summer. I lost all my cds and some of them were limited editions and I was truly pissed at the prospect of never finding them again and only be stuck with the cases so now I copy every cd I own into the WMP.

02) last CD I bought: erh… mmh… man it’s been a while… wait… it’s an Iggy Pop cd in which there is ‘Little Stranger’.

3a) The song that I listened to before writing this: Scar Tissue// Red Hot hili Peppers.

3b) Song playing right now: Pictures// Timo Maas feat. Brian Molko

4) Five songs that I listen to a lot or that mean a lot to me:
Protège-Moi by Placebo. Because it’s the first time ever that I heard Brian Molko speaking in French and since it’s my first language I felt as if he was adressing to me especially. And the Lyrics really spoke to me, touched me deeply. Asking for protection is baring your very soul it’s such an act of abandon and love and vulnerability. Protection has a lot to do with love for me. If anyone ever sang that song to me, I couldn’t control it, I’d just embrace them and build something around them to protect them from any harm.
2-Ode to Joy It’s many childhood memories, and since EVA it’s also tragedy,death , love, sacrifice and Kaworu/Shinji and impossible love.
3-In My Place by Coldplay. Because In a very very rough patch in my life I woke up one morning feeling like absolutely nothing could have made me face one more day and then the song came on the radio and suddenly living didn’t seem so hard anymore. And now almost two years later it’s nowhere near my favorite Coldplay song, I still like it but they have plenty of more appealing songs but I’ll never forget that desprate morning and the glorious smile I wore that day.
4- Saskatchewan by Les Trois Accords because when my dad sings it it makes me want to hug him.
5- and here I guess I should be slipping some U2 but U2 washed over me like a wave on the shore. I fell in love with The best of 1990-2000 and its B-sides. (and I’ll be damned if I never find or make another one *cries*)

little Xs

Apr. 17th, 2005 12:18 pm
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