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I won the Placebo fan review competition! My tiny tidbit is now on their official website and my prize is in the mail. I'm glad about the prize, but I'm more psyched about the fact that among thousands of sentences they chose five and that mine is one of those.  :D

Fannie Dubé. Aged 21 from Québec, Canada
"In the past Placebo sought to create and explore wounds. Battle For the Sun cauterizes them with the fire of a renewed energy"

(And now the whole wide world knows my full name. Haha, I thought that was the best-kept secret on the net.)

(Sebastien accused me of being over-enthusisastic about this and I had to bite my fingers to stop myself from telling him to stop pissing on my parade. My life is pretty sucky, can't I celebrate when something special happens?)
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Well here's what's been going on with my life recently...
My favourite band released a new song in anticipation of their new album due for early june:

I've been feeling pretty "European" as my mother put it. Complete with French movie, French novels and beret. (kidding about the beret. I do own a few but they're all dusty.)
That second vid is not safe for work.Unless your workplace encourages the viewing of French young men frolicking on a bed while signing sad love songs.

That's from "Les Chansons D'Amour". A strange little musical that starts off with a guy involved in a ménage a trois with his girlfriend and another girl he works with and that ends up with that guy being with another guy. That's my kind of flick. :p

I've been reading Philipe Besson, who has a knack for writing short and painful novels.

There's also this one particular manga that's claimed my attenton over at yaoi_daily.

Here, Spring just took over everything. It's bright, cloudless, blue sky after bright, cloudless,blue sky. Some days I look up and I just can't breath. Spring and skippy yet profound The Smith's song "Mr. Shankly" inspired me a HP fic I hope to finish before the end of April.

Everything seems to be going just fine, but the paint is chipping away pretty fast. *half smile*

STACY!! Where are you? What's going on with you, honey? I'm worried.
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I woke up with a Brokeback plot bunny chewing at my brain. (Yeah saw I just feel like everything about it has already been said in [ profile] wranglers .)Didn't write it. It will hop away to somebody else. And tell all its friend to stop pitying that lazy person who's brain doesn't taste so good anyway. Fuck my writer's ethic anyway. I can't write you plotbunnies from hell! *shakes fist* I gotta finish my very delayed Secret Stacy X-Mas Present first.

The new Placebo singles are running around the internet and I can't download them because my computer is utter, utter crap. So, since I very well can't go all whiny about it in the 'cebo comms, this will be my Oosama no mimi wa roba no mimi!! (Literally: "The king had donkey ears". Japanese myth. bleh.). Gyaaaarrgh!! I want them I want them I want them!!!! I don't wanna have to wait til bloddy March to get the album!!! They're right there under my nose and everybody is talking about them and uuuuurgh... TT_TT. rant

I love Conor Oberst. I mean, I liked Bright Eyes before today, but surfing the net I found this ) and now I love Conor Oberst. But shhh. Don't tell him.


Oct. 23rd, 2005 11:09 pm
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1.Image hosted by 2.Image hosted by 3.Image hosted by 4.Image hosted by 5.Image hosted by 6.Image hosted by 7.Image hosted by 8.Image hosted by 9.Image hosted by 10.Image hosted by

You've taste blood and you want more? :
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I really should be writing that french essay... I really really should be writing that french essay... Gargh! But I can't! NOt with my newly acquired SND dvd is waiting for me in my dvd player!!!!! TT_TT

...Focus, Fannie. Focus! "Montrez que pour Dora l'acte révolutionnaire se veut une ivresse libératrice... Montrez que pour Dora...*chants*" 'Les Justes'... Albert Camus! Existentialism... Dora... Focus!!

Or... or maybe I should really be writing that Philosophy summary of Deescartes' second meditation... Maybe i should really, really be writting that... Focus! Focus!

My "reading week" break starts tomorrow night with the school's beer bash... Must... Focus... until then...

Shall... post... comic... soon!

Hey You

Jun. 16th, 2005 10:45 am
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Mmh Mmh Mmh....
Been working a lot lately. Which is both good and bad.

Good becaude prom is one paycheck away and my bank balance always reaches zero in between two paychecks and I still have so many things to buy.
Necklace. Bracelet or flowers. Sandals. Alcohol. Hair job. and if I can manage maybe I could buy something for dad on father's day. (yeah go ahead, say it, I'm a horrible daughter. -.-;)

But it's also bad because... well because work sucks ^^;;; I mean the percentage grease/hair gets alarming when I get home and let's be honnest here, McFuck is the possible worst job ever. So why the hell have you been working there for two years? you ask. Because I'm too lazy to be bothered to find something else. So yeah, this is self-imposed misery so I shall stop whining right about now.

Mars Landing Party is a jewel, but seriously, I can't listen to it anytime and anywhere I want unlike most Placebo fans. My dad speaks nothing but french so of course " Embrasse-moi, met ton doigt dans mon cul,une présence ambigue, une présince inconnu jusqu'à ce que j'en peux plus" has got him going: O_O . Imagine. "Kiss me, put your finger up my ass, an ambiguous presence, an unknown presence, until I can take no more" Wouldn't YOUR parents/friends/surrounding go O_O ? ^^;; anyway, my dad's weird so he was like: "Music nowadays is most interesting..." XD dad you're priceless.

Yay! I'm currently typing my Jack Fairy short story! So it really should be up by *next* week because my English teacher needed threats to get bothered to find it >.< It's not that good but still, my first piece of Velvet Goldmine Fanfiction.

Lol... I watched 'Wilde'with Jessy boy on Tuesday. twas funny. He was all
"When does Jude Law come along? Do we get to see his ass? OMG that old pervert is into young guys. Did he actully sleep with his wife? eew!"

no body here knows *who* is Oscar Wilde so I couldn't expect any better coming from dear jessy. ^^;;
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The Coldplay slash exists!!!!!![ profile] coldplay_slash *nosebleed*

And reccing is not something I usually do because I'm lazy and stupid,
But "Pictures" by [ profile] bitexmarks should be read by every Placebo slash fan. Mmh-mmh.

I was this close to getting back my Jack Fairy short story but my stupid English teacher couldn't find it >.< I'll have it next week and type it as soon as possible. It should be up before next week-end =D
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4 days 'til sun and the sea ^^

I've been searching the net High and low for a friggin decoder for the whole week, I've downloaded 5 of them andnone of them friggin' works! >.< But, finally, today I found one that seems to be working =D (I'll see when the decoding is complete^^;;;)

Yay!I finally bought Black Market Music again. I had lost it last summer on my trip to Montreal along with all my other cds ^^; I had immediatly bought Without you I'm nothing again because, well it's WYIN ^^; but really, when I first bought BMM I didn't really like it (SHAME ON MEEEEE) I guess I was still wrapped in WYIN. I was a really recent 'cebo fan. But now, I really love Black Market Music. ^^

I bought it as a gift for myself because I leave for Virginia on Wednesday and also these last few weeks have been pretty though on me. Phew.
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8 days to wait until I leave for Virginia Beach!

Insomnia is my bitchy best friend. o.O

Oooh I've been having naughty thoughts of Stefan tied to a bedpost all day... This must be a weird mix of thinking too much about that fanfic I want to write and listening too much to 'Pictures'.

I <3 Stefan tremendously.

Spread the Stef Love )
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11 days 'till Virginia!

Tonight is the annual benefit concert. THE event of the year for the marching band. I'm kinda nervous. I know we're good but that last minute choreography on the drum solo might go wrong and lil' Simon might mess up his 'When the Saint' solo and frustrated Marie-France might refuse to play and dumb Juan David might take the trombon instead of the souza and I might fuck up my 'Tea for Two' solo and Jonathan might not be able to make it and I might not be able to reach that very very high pitched note in 'Dannyboy'and OMG!! *dies*

Well at least my costume will look neat and freshly pressed, my legs are shaved, my gloves are blindingly white, my hat doesn't look like it's been through WWII and my skirt actually fits me. The costume is ridiculous, but at least it will look neat.

And because my scanner's being stupid, I can't show a real picture so here's a very quick, very ugly paint drawing of said costume.

The Costume Looks Ridiculous )

LOL The funniest thing about it is that it was meant to be a parody, but it looks exactly like the real thing! We look like a bunch of clowns. ^^;;;

And just because, here my most recent icons.

Most recent icons )

#1 and 2 are obviously my 'Pictures' inspired icons(That song is seeeeeeeeeeeex!!) More are to be awaited. While for #4, [ profile] rougevelvet receives full credits for it since she gave the picture and captionned it. I just badly inconized it.
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Virginia Beach in 12 days!

lookit what I did because I had free time.

Hot Linking is Abstinence )
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Just a not-so-random drabble. Angsty suicidal teens abound, beware!


To make up for tis... some crappy paint cebo icon! =D yay!

My Icon making method is so simple it's boring. Choose random pic, resize it, add loosely fitting placebo song lyric or some thought related to the pic (or not) lol. I'm such a boring person *sigh* Drabble+


Apr. 26th, 2005 09:39 am
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wee I'm a LJ god! worship me like you should!! Oh no wait, since I joined [ profile] placeboism is it a blasphemy to be saying this O.o;;; meeeh ^^

Pet Day!!

Apr. 22nd, 2005 03:14 pm
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Weeeeeee! Romeo and Juliet is caaaaancelled!!! *bounces* Then I can concentrate on my other, more serious play, "La Déprime". Which, contrarily (is that even a word?? O.o) to what the titles leads you to believe, is a comedy. Anyway, I,m just back from the practice. (Is there something more horrible than having to go to school on a pet day!!>.<) But actually it was a lot of fun. ^^;;;

Oooh.... I'm have my first troubles with LJ. It won't keep me logged in >.<

I joined [ profile] placebowhores !! ^^

So now I'm a proud


Oooh the English teacher wanted us to write poems under this form:
"What if I was <...> instead of <...>
I'd be <...>
If I was <...>"

That's what she called a 'what if' poem. That's what I call sh*t. In protest to this crime against creativity, I answered with... this!:

By Me

What if I was a boy, instead of a girl
I'd be a very girlish gay boy
If I was a boy!"

The teacher went O.O;;; and I went XD Ah!

...I was listening to 'Video Kills the Radio Stars' and remembered Danny and I having a conversation about this song when we were about twelve lol...

Me:*_* ... *is soooo in love with the guy*
Him: I got a computer, now!
Me: *_* that's grrrrreat!
Him: Hey! There's a song that goes "Internet killed the Video Stars"
Me:*_*... O.o;;;... Isn't it "Video Kills the Radio Star?"
Him: No, no it's internet.
Me: ^^;;;...*_* whatever you say!



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