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So. A majority for Jean Charest's Liberals, huh? I'm disguisted with my province. Not because they elected the liberals, I expected that much, and in and of itself, it doesn't bother me all that much... What maddens me is the ridiculous participation rate: 57,3% . It's not as if it was hard or if they had to go very far. They just can't be bothered. Oh and it was cold outside that day. Cold?!? I mean when did that become a rightful reason to deny your civilian right and duty. Democracy is a privilege that barely over half of they Quebecois seem to grasp and I am disgusted. How do we get, as a province, to bitch and whine about independency if you can't be arsed to choose our own government.

I am also saddened by Mario Dumont's departure as the leader of the Action Democratique du Quebec. I fear this party will lose all of its remaining supports if they make a faux-pas (which is most liekly to happen) choosing their new leader. I'd vouch for Sylvain Legare, but I don't think he will be interested in the position seeing as his son was born on the day of the election, I think he'll want to spend some time wit his family.

December 8th was also the anniversary of John Lennon's premature death 28 years ago. My heart clenches when I think about it. Such a loss.
Paul McCartney really did make me cry this summer when I saw him live. "And now, I sing this song for my frind John." He said solemly before he offered a beautiful rendition of Give Peace a Chance.

Edit: Oh, and the Icon is totally unrelated with my post but I just fished it out of my really old icon den and it never fails to make me laugh. ^_^
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Please, let it be Obama. Please, let it be Obama. Please, let it be Obama. *crosses fingers*
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is the slogan I chanted this afternoon when I joined an anti-Conservative demonstration in downtown Quebec city. Everyone was wearing those nifty  " Je suis fier de ne PAS voter Conservateur " stickers and representants from every party (except the conservatives, although they were invited lol ) came and made a speech. It was mainly students, seeing as the demonstation's main message was not really against the Conservatives per se, but rather against their cut in culture fundings. In the province of Quebec, Culture = Identity, so to have the Harper government recognize our nation and then cut so much money in cultural development, it' as if they were laughing in our faces.
I am NOT a separatist, although it seems to be the trend among students AND artists. I am very fond of Canada and I had to grow that fondness on my own, because they do not teach us that in school. They teach us everything the federal government did wrong to our province. They teach us that Ottawa doesn't care about our culture, our language and our identity and even if I do agree with them on some of these matters, I have learnt to feel very patriotic in the last few years. 
Sadly, with that came the realization that those who ARE separatists, have no reason to feel "Canadian". I recently saw on an ad on CBC that canadians defines themselves as hockey-loving, beer-drinking people who say sorry a lot, eh? Putting aside the major issue of languges difference, I think the hockey thing is common to northern countries, and as for the beer drinking, out of six provinces surveyed, Quebec came out last as to alcohol consuption. (although I really can't explain that one haha). There is an obvious two-way misunderstanding between Quebec and the rest of Canada and THAT saddens me. "The two great solitudes", isn't that what they say? *sigh*


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