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This writer's block has an insane timing! June 24th is St-John the Baptist day, Quebec's National holiday. And I know I heard a few wild things about the 4th of July in the US,  but nothing beats la Saint-Jean in the National Capital! I had an awesome night and wasn't all that socially awkward, which was great. I got home at seven in the morning and collapsed in my bed, wishing a semi-comatose Seb good luck on his day at work. ( The poor, poor bastard. *snerk*)

We are suppsed to go camping in Old Orchards Beach in a few weeks. With his family, which is awkward on many levels. One of them being that he's gay, his family knows that he's gay and I'm just this fat, pleasant excuse for a tag-along. Oh and his father is my super boss. He doesn't work at my store everyday, but he is the director for our franchise or something and that just freaks me right out. But still, I can't wait. Seb's been better than great in the last few days and he used to be estranged with his family, but now they're better and I'm glad for him. and his family is always so pleased to be spending tim with him.
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[Error: unknown template qotd] I'll try to do a top ten list of my best moments of 2008, because with every year that ends comes the fear that the next will be exactly the same.

10- Trying another job for one day. It was scary and I ended up not taking the job, but I did it.
9-Getting Internet back.
8-Spending a few days at my uncle's cabin with some of my family on my father's side.
7-Stealing Hawksley Workman's necktie in Montreal in February.
6-My surprise birthday party. Thank you Seb, it meant a whole lot more to me than I've let you know.
5- My one week trip to Cuba with 20 of my co-workers
4-Seeing Paul McCartney live in concert. The dream of a lifetime.
3- My Godson learning to say "Aunty" and using it as much as he possibly can.
2- The Stars concert. I don't give a shit that nothing came out of it. I felt normal for the first time in my life.
1- Meeting Hawksley Workman in Montreal in November.


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