Aug. 5th, 2008

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My cousin was supposed to get married on the 16th. Earlier when I got home, my dad told me the wedding was off. I thought for sure they had couple troubles and went:  "Yikes, and they have a kid, too." . Turns out they didn't get in a fight, but he got in an accident. 

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So, I was basically cruising the internet in search of confirmation of the Rock'n Roll prophecy that sealed my destiny about ten years before my birth (See entry title) when I came upon this:

Yeah | Reviewer: Your mom | 8/19/2007

I don't think Freddy Mercury was gay like a lot of you guys think. I think he was Bi and he dug chicks and fat chicks that's why he wrote this song. Most guys who are purely gay don't get into rock music, unless you're like, the village people or something.

-From a review on the lyrics of Fat Bottomed Girls by Queen

Funniest. Thing. In a While.

I seriously couldn't stop laughing for ten minutes. It almost beats the guy who wrote a distressed message to a sex columnist because he was worried over the fact that his girlfriend hadn't been getting her period... since she'd gotten pregnant. Seriously. The guy was worried that there was something wrong and that the baby might (get this) drown in all that blood.

And they say ignorance is bliss...


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