Sep. 7th, 2008

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One of my gal pal recently accused me of being careless towards my personal well-being. It kind of shocked me. We're close, but not all that close. Of course, I huffed and objected but she pointed out these things that I never really thought of as being self-destructive. Like the fact that I never went to the dentist when my wisdom teeth came out or that I always pick at a scab until the wound is healed. She is mostly right. My mother always says the same but, you know, she's my mother. That's what moms do. Oh well, I guess there is just this huge list of things I should do or change in order to take better care of myself and it's kind of depressing to think of all these things I'm doing wrong, or would have to start doing. Like my health care card. It expired in January and I never had it made again. Which incidentially means that I can't change my held-up-by-tape-and-that-gummy-stuff-you-use-to-stick-posters-to-walls-glasses (that I found abandonned on a windowsill downtown, by the by. I know. I fail.) And my wisdom teeth. Yeah, my wisdom teeth. They've been coming out for years now but they don't hurt anymore. I just hope they won't spring a surprise infection on me or something. That'd be awful. Then I would really have to go to the dentist and he'd find all these other cavities I have. At least two of my molars. That I am sure of. Oh and I'd also probably have to swing by Dr. D's in order to show him that I'm still alive even though I stopped consultations and medications mid-treatment. Well now, what a depressing thing to be talking about.

In all honnesty, I'm very relieved. I've been in a spectacular mood for the last two weeks. I honnestly thought I was going to be a mess. A spectacular mess.I haven't had bad thoughts or even cried at all. I even tidied up and cleaned my whole bedroom yesterday. There are even sheets on my bed and everything. I don't things I've slept in sheets for more than a year now. Wow. Here's to taking better care of myself in a better environement!

In other news, on Friday the 12th, I am going to see Metric at the ENVOL & MACADAM festival. I missed them in July '07 when they were in Quebec for the Festival d'Ete and I was pissy about it all year long, now I'm glad I'll get to really see them. They will be performing with:
*Apostle of Hustle (another canadian band)
*The Stills (that I saw in August opening for Sir Paul McCartney)
*Bloc Party (I hear they're pretty famous but I never heard their music)
It will also be my first attendance at the ENVOL & MACADAM festival. Can't wait.


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