Apr. 4th, 2009

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I don't think I've ever mentionned my love for classical music. (I don't remember if I even listed it in my interests, oh well.) I love classical music and I think Beethoven's ninth is te greatest song ever to have been written.

Also, I'm in love with Montreal's Symphonic Orchestra's Maestro; Kent Nagano.

Welcome, Maestro Kent Nagano, to Montreal. We already love you. Mostly because you have rock star hair, and because you get so intense when you conduct that you look like a Samurai warrior in an action movie.
was sais about him when he first arrived in Montreal in 2006.
Switch "samurai warrior" for "Seme" and "action movie" for "yaoi manga" and you get an inkling of why I fell in passion with him at the beginning. But oh! Intense is really the word for him. That hair of his, slighly streaked with grey, flying about as he savagely gestures with his whole body. And his proud smile when he turns to salute the crowd after a song. And how he wears those glasses when he reads speaches for the press. And his adorable, heavily accented French. (I love someone who puts an effort into learning French. God knows Montreal has become so depressingly bilingual)

So when I learnt that the Montreal Symphonic Orchestra was going to be playing the ninth at the Bell Center to comemorate the 100th anniversary of Montreal's hockey team Les Canadiens and the 75th anniversary of the MSO I hopped in a car with a few friends and made the trip.

It was memorable. I cried most of the way through. The music goes right through my body straight to my heart and soul, which tremble and sing as the chords of the violas, violins, harps and cellos. *content sigh*

Also, we slept in a charming youth hostel. It was my first experience and I'd go back anytime. We were roomed with a guy from France who had just arrived in Canada and had a funny discussion about Quebec's inferiority complex. We taught him swear words and such. (Yes we speak french, but no, we don't swear like the French. ;) )


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