generaljanuary: (happy bb sammy)
2010-05-29 01:24 pm
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Hug your BF day


Me and my BF, sitting on his couch. He's watching some DVDs and I'm abusing his laptop:

Seb: What are you doing? You keep sighing.
Me: Bleargh. I re-organizing my tags. I have like 140 tags and as many entries. It's long and boring.
Seb: Did you keep your "Seb" tag?
Me: No. I shoved you in RL.
Seb: *stricken* What?!
Me: You're the only person who's interested in the Seb tag, Seb. *eyeroll*

haha, I <3 him.

So yeah, I re-organized my tags. It was long and boring. I'm not saying every entry is perfectly tagged,but at lest I don't have 100 useless tags anymore. :)