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Wow. I'm very proud of my day. I woke up at a reasonable hour and I wasn't hungover from last nights one buck beers. I had breakfast (I usually never do) then went grocery shopping with my mom. For once, I actually used my money to buy useful things (shampoo, laundry soap, toilet paper) ALL on sales (I know, I amaze myself). I EXERCISED ( O_O ) for the biggest part of the afternoon. Then went for a walk and finished the book I was currently reading (Burroughs, The Lost boys. I know, it took me ages.) But wait, it's not over. I got back home, washed my laundry, cleaned my bathroom, put the laundry in the dryer and took a shower. And now, My plans to go to the movies tomorow night is actually going to happen tonight, so I'm going to The Imax at 9:45 pm to see The Dark Knight with Marie-C.

I don't even have words for this. I can usually squeeze ONE of these activities in one day and that's if I'm lucky. :)

There's one thing that made me pretty disapointed, though. Sebastien called from France while I was sleeping and I didn't hear the phone rigning so I missed his call. I haven't received any news from him since he's left so I was worrying a bit, but the fact that he called at least means he is still alive. :/ I really hope I can catch him the next time he tries to call.
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