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Jun. 16th, 2005 10:45 am
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Mmh Mmh Mmh....
Been working a lot lately. Which is both good and bad.

Good becaude prom is one paycheck away and my bank balance always reaches zero in between two paychecks and I still have so many things to buy.
Necklace. Bracelet or flowers. Sandals. Alcohol. Hair job. and if I can manage maybe I could buy something for dad on father's day. (yeah go ahead, say it, I'm a horrible daughter. -.-;)

But it's also bad because... well because work sucks ^^;;; I mean the percentage grease/hair gets alarming when I get home and let's be honnest here, McFuck is the possible worst job ever. So why the hell have you been working there for two years? you ask. Because I'm too lazy to be bothered to find something else. So yeah, this is self-imposed misery so I shall stop whining right about now.

Mars Landing Party is a jewel, but seriously, I can't listen to it anytime and anywhere I want unlike most Placebo fans. My dad speaks nothing but french so of course " Embrasse-moi, met ton doigt dans mon cul,une présence ambigue, une présince inconnu jusqu'à ce que j'en peux plus" has got him going: O_O . Imagine. "Kiss me, put your finger up my ass, an ambiguous presence, an unknown presence, until I can take no more" Wouldn't YOUR parents/friends/surrounding go O_O ? ^^;; anyway, my dad's weird so he was like: "Music nowadays is most interesting..." XD dad you're priceless.

Yay! I'm currently typing my Jack Fairy short story! So it really should be up by *next* week because my English teacher needed threats to get bothered to find it >.< It's not that good but still, my first piece of Velvet Goldmine Fanfiction.

Lol... I watched 'Wilde'with Jessy boy on Tuesday. twas funny. He was all
"When does Jude Law come along? Do we get to see his ass? OMG that old pervert is into young guys. Did he actully sleep with his wife? eew!"

no body here knows *who* is Oscar Wilde so I couldn't expect any better coming from dear jessy. ^^;;
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