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01)Total volume of music on my computer: erh… well almost all of it is the cds I own that I copied into WMP because of this incident last summer. I lost all my cds and some of them were limited editions and I was truly pissed at the prospect of never finding them again and only be stuck with the cases so now I copy every cd I own into the WMP.

02) last CD I bought: erh… mmh… man it’s been a while… wait… it’s an Iggy Pop cd in which there is ‘Little Stranger’.

3a) The song that I listened to before writing this: Scar Tissue// Red Hot hili Peppers.

3b) Song playing right now: Pictures// Timo Maas feat. Brian Molko

4) Five songs that I listen to a lot or that mean a lot to me:
Protège-Moi by Placebo. Because it’s the first time ever that I heard Brian Molko speaking in French and since it’s my first language I felt as if he was adressing to me especially. And the Lyrics really spoke to me, touched me deeply. Asking for protection is baring your very soul it’s such an act of abandon and love and vulnerability. Protection has a lot to do with love for me. If anyone ever sang that song to me, I couldn’t control it, I’d just embrace them and build something around them to protect them from any harm.
2-Ode to Joy It’s many childhood memories, and since EVA it’s also tragedy,death , love, sacrifice and Kaworu/Shinji and impossible love.
3-In My Place by Coldplay. Because In a very very rough patch in my life I woke up one morning feeling like absolutely nothing could have made me face one more day and then the song came on the radio and suddenly living didn’t seem so hard anymore. And now almost two years later it’s nowhere near my favorite Coldplay song, I still like it but they have plenty of more appealing songs but I’ll never forget that desprate morning and the glorious smile I wore that day.
4- Saskatchewan by Les Trois Accords because when my dad sings it it makes me want to hug him.
5- and here I guess I should be slipping some U2 but U2 washed over me like a wave on the shore. I fell in love with The best of 1990-2000 and its B-sides. (and I’ll be damned if I never find or make another one *cries*)


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