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A loud and barbaric YAWP.

Whew... much needed.(hugs Todd just because)
ahah! I'm such a dork and I'm so loving it!! ^^

Okay here are the recent news. College is still TEH AWESOME, although I'm very tired but I blame it all on my stupid job. *growls at the golden arches* This week-end, JO MOVED IN!!! O_O aaaaah! weird! He rented my sister's room for about a month when he'll get his flat. After a long and tiring incident with a bleeding drunkard in which I was sadly involved, he decided just had to get out of there. lol

What else.. oh right!! SOAD!!!! =D=D=D
The show f*cking rocked!!!
Here are most of the ups and downs I could come up with, I'll write more later but now I'm at school so yeah.

-They didn't play "Fuck the System" and "Radio/Video" =(
-No Encore ;_;
-People booing The Mars Volta!!!! grrrrr. >.<
-Uncomfortable seats (although we didn├Ęt sit for too long lol)

-Great Sound
-OMG!!!! Dancing Mars Volta singer! guh Guh GUH!!! (more about that in some other post) GUUUUH!!!!
-I was sittin on the side of the stage so I had a clear view of the backstage so I was one of the irst to see the guys arrive wooh!!
-How they opened with "Soldier's side", hidden buy the curtain and then (just like on the cd) the stated "BYOB" and the crutain fell and my heart just about exploded.
-How the coliseum was about to burst with people. The crowd was on fire! (better throw it in the water) (DORK! lol)
- How the two guys who were supposed to be sitting in the seats next to ours didn't show up so we had lots of space.
-How the guitarist , before playing some songs, sang very softly on a very slow version of the song they were about to play. Especially "Cigaro". On wich he went: "(...) Can't you see that i love me cock. can't you see that you love my cock, Can't You see that I love you I *squealed* u_u;;.
This is what I can think of on the top of my head, more when I get more time!
Hasta La Proxina! ^^

Date: 2005-09-04 04:45 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
You had fun on a bishie-licious concert nya?. nyaa~ *coddles you and feeds you beer*


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