Jan. 3rd, 2006

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Happy New Year everyone. I hope you have a good one. May it be better than the last and less goood than the next. (is there an actual english wording of that expression? because it sounds awkward like that =S)

Haven't seen Brokeback mountain yet. Damn!... I tried not to spoil myself rotten but I'm sure I'll cry like a motherf*cker when I'll see it. I'm not that much of a sensitive person but yeah, "Boys don't cry" had my in a trembling mess of tears all balled up on my sofa. ( and it was the third time that I saw it eh. u_u;; ) Everytime the ad is on tv, I go *sobsob* in that fake manner (I always do that. I think people find it weird.) And my dad, (who doesn't find it that weird because he knows me ^_-) goes "Why do you want to see that cow-boy movie so bad? You never liked cow-boy movies before... unless it's that gay thing again... *eyes QaF dvd suspiciously* Oh well! Do buy it when it comes ou on dvd, yes?" ... O.o

Been spending way too many sleepless nights, but at laest they weren't spent alone and in order to finish uninteresting homework. More on that later, or another day, or never.

Went shopping with Laurie last Friday. I was cruising the english manga section when I saw the white words on te brown book spine. 'Wild Rock'. In retrospet, I understand the woman that was standing next for jumping at my "OH MY GOD!!!!O_O YAY!" Seeing my agitation my sister came towards me and saw that I was clutching the book ( whose cover consist of a very sexy, very half-naked Emba)

Laurie:*amused* That does seem like your kind of reading, sis.
Me: I've spent hours right-clicking-saving-as page by page of this off the internet!
Clerk-lady passing-by: Oh that one is prety hard core, I skimmed trouh it when we received it earlier.
Me: *blushes while thinking that Wild Rock is nowhere near what I consider Hard Core*
Laurie: Oh she knows! She's read it all already *beams*
Me:o_o erh... eheheh u_u;;; I checked out the scanlation on internet...*blushblushblush*

I wanted to write a very long random update but I really just want to go to sleep so yeah. More tomorrow if i feel like it.

Good night everyone. *waves*

(This is the first time that I will be using tags because I didn't know how to use them before. me <------- idiot)


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