Jan. 12th, 2006

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I woke up with a Brokeback plot bunny chewing at my brain. (Yeah saw I just feel like everything about it has already been said in [livejournal.com profile] wranglers .)Didn't write it. It will hop away to somebody else. And tell all its friend to stop pitying that lazy person who's brain doesn't taste so good anyway. Fuck my writer's ethic anyway. I can't write you plotbunnies from hell! *shakes fist* I gotta finish my very delayed Secret Stacy X-Mas Present first.

The new Placebo singles are running around the internet and I can't download them because my computer is utter, utter crap. So, since I very well can't go all whiny about it in the 'cebo comms, this will be my Oosama no mimi wa roba no mimi!! (Literally: "The king had donkey ears". Japanese myth. bleh.). Gyaaaarrgh!! I want them I want them I want them!!!! I don't wanna have to wait til bloddy March to get the album!!! They're right there under my nose and everybody is talking about them and uuuuurgh... TT_TT. rant

I love Conor Oberst. I mean, I liked Bright Eyes before today, but surfing the net I found this ) and now I love Conor Oberst. But shhh. Don't tell him.


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