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May. 15th, 2005 03:35 pm
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3 DAYS 'TILL VIRGINIA BEACH!!!1!!11!one!!eleven!!11!!!!

Yay! I burnt and re-burnt some cds!

You'd Kill For Innocence
1-Innocent//Our Lady Peace
3-Standing Still//Jewel
4-Save Me//Smallville Opening Theme
5-Cruel Angel Thesis//Evangelion Opening Theme
6-Ode To Joy//Beethoven
7-Pachabel's Cannon in D (Or is it B? I still don't understang how music works in English...)
8-Bring Me to Life//Evanescence
9-Seven Nation Army//The White Stripes
10-Because I Wanna//The Hives
11-She Hates Me//Puddle of Mud
12-Sk8ter Boi// Avril Lavigne (Oof... Old stuff.. blergh...)
13-If It Makes You Happy//Sherryl Crow
14-I Feel so//Matchbox 20
15-Cleaning Up My Closet// Eminem (Erh.. yeah well...)
16-Ain't No Mountain//Aretha Franklin
17-Here With Me//Roswell Opening Theme
18-Youth Of the Nation
19-Bloody Valentine//Good Charlotte

You'd Kill For The Green Eyes
1-Green Eyes//Coldplay
2-Don't Panic(Acoustic)//Coldplay
3-Careful Where You Stand//Coldplay
4-Such a Rush//Colplay
6-Amsterdam (Beta)//Coldplay
7-In My Place//Coldplay
8-High And Low//Coldplay
9-Don't Panic//Coldplay
10-Complicated//Avril Lavigne (*winces*)
11-Don't You Just Know It//Huey Smith and His Clowns
12-Beautiful Days//U2
13-Sweetest Things//U2
14-Stuck In A Moment//U2
15-Electrical Storm//U2
16-Without Me//Eminem (*cough*)
17-Superman//Five for fighting
18-Iris//The Goo Goo Dolls (Jessyyyyyy!! *tackles*)
19-The Funk Soul Brother//Fatboy Slim (Incredible typing music)
20-Sweet Sorrow// X Ending Theme

You'd Kill For...For You...
1-For You//Coldplay
2-The Luckiest//Ben Fold Five
3-Juste Toi et Moi//Indochine
4-All The things she said//Tatu
5-Just Like A Pill//Pink
6-Don't Let Me Get Me//Pink
7-Sing For the Moment//Eminem
8-By The Way//Red Hot Chili Peppers
9-Can't Stop//Red Hot Chili Peppers
10-The Zephyr Song//Red Hot Chili Peppers
11-Peu Importe//Catherine Duran
12-Right Here Right Now// Fatboy Slim (INCREDIBLE typing stuff)
13-Tiny Dancer//Elton John
14-Lucky Ones//Bif Naked
16-The Red//Chevelle
17-What's Going On// U2
18-You're Standing on my Neck//Daria Opening Theme

You'd Kill For The Grand One
1-River Below//Billy Talent
2-Try Honnesty//Billy Talent
3-Cosmic Dancer//T-Rex
4-Tumbling Down// Jonathan Rhys Meyer
5-The Whole Shabang//Jonathan Rhys Meyer
6-Grand One//Jonathan Rhys Meyer
7-20th Century boy//Placebo feat. Mr. David Bowie (*squeeeeeeee*)
8-Turning Japanese//Incubus... I think?? ^^;;;
9-Somebody Told Me//The Killers
10-Just Because//Jane's Addiction (Pink Tux!XD)
11-Wonderful//._. OMG I can't remember who sings this TT_TT
12-Sour Girl//Stone Temple Pilot

You'd Kill For Placebo
1-Intro (Brian Speaking in French for like 5 seconds)
2-Big Mouth Strikes Again
3-Dark Globes
4-Mars Landing Party
5-Miss Money Penny Live Somewhere
6-SlackerBitch Live SomewhereĆ 
7-Sleeping With Ghosts
8-Bulletproof Cupid
9-Bionic Like in Vienna
11-Running Up that Hill
12-Leni Live in Vienna
13-Little Mo Livw in Vienna
14-Johnny And Mary
15-Protect Me
16-Where is My Mind(Live... and drunk XD)
17-I Know(Demo)
18-Come Home Live somewhere
21-Pictures Ext. Version
22-*[Bonus] Video Killed the Radio Star Cover by I don't know who
22-*[Bonus]We Used to be friends// The Dandy Warhols

and last but not least

You' still kill for Placebo
1-Feel Good Hit Of The Summer live somehwere
2-Where is My Mind
3-I Know
4-Commercial for Levi Live somehwere
5-Every Me and Every You (You know, that catchy cover...)
6-Carbon KId
7-Burger Queen (French)
8-Je t'aime Moi non plus
9-Peeping Tom
10-All Apologies live somwhere
11-This Picture (Isaac Junkie Mix)
12-I Feel You
13-Every You and Every Me (Acoustic)
14-The Metric System
15-Days Before You Came
16-Narcoleptic live somehwere
17-I'll be yours
18-*[Bonus]'Cuz I Love You//Slade
19-*[Bonus] TV Eye//Iggy Pop


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