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If I wanted to go about this chronologically-like, this would be the post where I would review my Envol et Macadam show of last Friday. I wanted to do this right and long and analytical, but as time goes, the chance of that happening are getting pretty slim so I'll say that:
-Hustle Apostle, the very first act was refreshing. They had an exotic sound and even though their music is not going to be remembered through the ages, it was one of the most entertaining opening act I have seen. (The Mars Volta holding a solid first place). Singer was attractive enough, he had a movieverse! Lupin sort of mustache but his kickin' and groovin' dance moves made up for it. Bonus point for a very heartfelt anti-Harper political message. (i love living in a country where you get cheered for calling the Prime Minister and f*cking dumba**) *grins* Canada is currently in electoral campaign. But that's another topic.
-The Stills consist of five black-clad young men who have a very precise dynamic. Drummer guy is the typical greasy long haired guy,  bass guitar guy is the hype little joker with a cute haircut, keyboardist is the poet type with the artsy hat and clean sort of facial hair, and the two singer guitarst have this sort of dual act going on where one is clearly supposed to pose as the don't-give-a-damn ruggedly handsome rebel rocker and the other is more the usual front-man-sy  rock guy who pours his soul into his music. Nice bits of bancest going on with the whole "guitar as an extension for my penis", but it could all be happening in my slash-crazed brain. I didn't think much of them when I saw them opening for Paul McCartney but this time I got more into their music and might consider buying their cd. I've been big on encouraging the Quebecois music and movie industry lately. yayz oh and gold star for a slight anti-Harper political massage as well.  *
-Metric. Now that's the band I was originally wanting to see in the first place. (redundant much?)  And they didn't disapoint. Although I am quite partial to their first album and they only played one song from it. :/ I got to hold both Emily Haines' hands and give her a sort of hug, Yay she is such a pretty and genuine sorta girl! They were adored by the public and had tremendous energy. I would only have liked for their set to last longer. Terrific performance!
-Last but not least, Bloc Party   were very much crowd pleasers and their charm worked on me. I bought one of their cd the next day. I'm enamoured with their geeky asian drummer. <3 hee.

So, general experience, it was an amazing gig and I'm glad I went :D
1. I've come to realize that my first kiss... was a disaster my mind is trying to erase from my memory. Imagine a scary stalker with sloppy lips and a mean face saying he won't leave me alone unless I kiss him. Urgh.

2. I am listening to... myself sneezing, I think I've caught a cold :/

3. I talk... a lot when I'm nervous.

4. I love... the good phase I'm in right now.

5. My best friend... is on another continent at the moment, I hope he is having a blast.

6. My car is... never gonna happen, I'm scared of the things.

7. My life is... made of ups and downs, i try to enjoy the ride :)

8. I hate when people ask... when I'm going to go back to school, if you want to put me in a bad mood, that's the way to go.

9. Love is... a many splendored thing? haha, no, it's something hard to define becaus it has many faces.

10. Marriage is... not for me, but still something that should be taken more seriously. Oh and it should also be  rightful and legal for everyone, everywhere *hinthint*

11. Somewhere, someone is thinking...  about a cure for aids and I hope they reach a solution soon :/

12. This weekend... is the end of summer.

13. I have a secret crush...  on the Montreal syphonic Orchestra's japanese maestro. Guh, so pretty.

14. I can't handle... sudden major ch-ch-ch-ch- changes.

15. My cell phone... has a Bowie ringtone.

16. When I wake up in the morning...  The floor is cold

17. Before I go to bed I... always watch a dvd. Fullmetal Alchemist right now.

18. Right now I am thinking about... going to bed.

19. Babies are... newly cute to me. I've become a softie now that I'm a godmother.

20. I get on Facebook... the queasy feeling of real life mixing with internet and I hate. Hence why I only went once.

21. Today I... hung out, worked a 3 hour shift, tidied up my bedroom, went out to the restaurant with Hubert the 2nd ad watched two episodes of Firefly here at home in his company as well.

22. Tonight I will... finish this and go to bed (it is 3 am)

23. Tomorrow I will... use my 30$ payback at L'imaginaire to buy Fullmetal Alchemist volume 16 and 17. I might go see my maman and try to finish that poem that has been eating at my brains lately.

24. I really want to be... a professional writer. a successful person. Happy.

25. My heart is... a muscle that  pumps blood through my body? Probably drowning in cholesterol? Moved by the smile of my godson and touched by simple poetry.

26. My friends are... there for me and I am forever grateful.

27. My family is... torn apart beyond repair.

*points icon* Those are my lips. Hee. ^^


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