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come to the organic coast
all fish-eyed and blue
to catch a monarch butterfly
if it lets you
mouth slowly, behind these ears
that listen for gurgles
in newly born mermaids
-Hawksley Workman, Organic Coast

B-sempai came and spent the weekend with me. Aside from his great taste in flicks, I must say that I wasn't expecting all this drama. I do not judge him, I am merely saddened by the way he views himself in life. I think he could honnestly benefit consulting a therapist as I lack the words, will and manner to help him as he should obviously be helped. I find myself awe-struck at the patience my sister must have showed to be able to stand by his side for such a long time because I have to shamefully admit that heaved a rainy sigh of relief when I left him at the bus station. I think what saddened me the most was that he lost a few feathers as a sempai in life. I always valued his opinions above all others and thought no one I would ever meet could hope to breech the scope of his knowledge. As I am much more mature and have experienced more in life than when I met him many years ago,  I can see now how I might have build him into something he was only posing as. He still has my entire respect and friendship and i look forward to our next weekend together. :)
The all night movie marathon we pulled was themed: Dreams and Nightmares. We altenated Benicio del Toro and David Lynch. It went as such:
-Pan's Labyrinth
-The Orphanage
-Mulholand Drive

I felt ace for being able to analyze most of Eraserhead. :D

they're gonna be big wet tears
when they finally come

and they're
they're gonna be loud as bombs
when they hit the ground

-Hawksley Workman, Big wet tears


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