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2010-06-15 10:52 pm
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2010-06-01 05:20 am
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Well that's was quick

I just finished watching Ten Inch Hero for the first time. I really liked it, I don't understand why this movie got so much hate. I paid big bucks for much flavourless romcoms at the movie theatre.

Now it's 5 am, I've got a bad crick in my neck and I'm off to bed. The morning birdies will sing me to sleep.
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2009-03-23 01:11 am

I've been rather quiet lately...

Well here's what's been going on with my life recently...
My favourite band released a new song in anticipation of their new album due for early june:

I've been feeling pretty "European" as my mother put it. Complete with French movie, French novels and beret. (kidding about the beret. I do own a few but they're all dusty.)
That second vid is not safe for work.Unless your workplace encourages the viewing of French young men frolicking on a bed while signing sad love songs.

That's from "Les Chansons D'Amour". A strange little musical that starts off with a guy involved in a ménage a trois with his girlfriend and another girl he works with and that ends up with that guy being with another guy. That's my kind of flick. :p

I've been reading Philipe Besson, who has a knack for writing short and painful novels.

There's also this one particular manga that's claimed my attenton over at yaoi_daily.

Here, Spring just took over everything. It's bright, cloudless, blue sky after bright, cloudless,blue sky. Some days I look up and I just can't breath. Spring and skippy yet profound The Smith's song "Mr. Shankly" inspired me a HP fic I hope to finish before the end of April.

Everything seems to be going just fine, but the paint is chipping away pretty fast. *half smile*

STACY!! Where are you? What's going on with you, honey? I'm worried.
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2008-09-28 11:54 am
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La violence de la realite face a ce qui est prive

Hnn. I finished watching the Fullmetal Alchemist anime this morning. I always feel so empty after finishing anime series. I own the movie but I don't want to watch it now, although I feel like I can't wait, really. I can't believe I waited so many years to buy the mangas on the sole account of  "but it will be like selling my soul to shonen..."  Haha. Been downloading a lot of scanlated yaoi, it's been a very long time since my local manga store received any new books, have to feed the obsession. *shrugs* ^^;;

Anyway, Seba-kun called yesterday and even though the connection was really bad, I was very glad to talk to him. 8 days 'til he gats back. Oh and he tells me he's been lurking round here. hehe. *blushes*

Oh wow, rented "My Blueberry Nights" starring Jude Law and Norah Jones with maman yesterday. It was love at first view. I don't think I've ever liked Jude Law more. He does excel in the uptights roles, but see what he can do when you let him play a more laid back character? I want to eat blueberry pie, now. Hee.

So, I think I'll beat the End-of-anime-blues by going out to a cafe and finish that poem I've been working on for almost a month now. This one is really eating at my brain, I cannot seem to find satisfaction in it, no matter how many times I re-write it. I do love it, though. It was spurned onto me when I briefly saw an old love of mine in the bus; im being so near without me being able to reach out to him. Yup.

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2008-09-18 01:57 pm
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To B-sempai or not to B-sempai

come to the organic coast
all fish-eyed and blue
to catch a monarch butterfly
if it lets you
mouth slowly, behind these ears
that listen for gurgles
in newly born mermaids
-Hawksley Workman, Organic Coast

B-sempai came and spent the weekend with me. Aside from his great taste in flicks, I must say that I wasn't expecting all this drama. I do not judge him, I am merely saddened by the way he views himself in life. I think he could honnestly benefit consulting a therapist as I lack the words, will and manner to help him as he should obviously be helped. I find myself awe-struck at the patience my sister must have showed to be able to stand by his side for such a long time because I have to shamefully admit that heaved a rainy sigh of relief when I left him at the bus station. I think what saddened me the most was that he lost a few feathers as a sempai in life. I always valued his opinions above all others and thought no one I would ever meet could hope to breech the scope of his knowledge. As I am much more mature and have experienced more in life than when I met him many years ago,  I can see now how I might have build him into something he was only posing as. He still has my entire respect and friendship and i look forward to our next weekend together. :)
The all night movie marathon we pulled was themed: Dreams and Nightmares. We altenated Benicio del Toro and David Lynch. It went as such:
-Pan's Labyrinth
-The Orphanage
-Mulholand Drive

I felt ace for being able to analyze most of Eraserhead. :D

they're gonna be big wet tears
when they finally come

and they're
they're gonna be loud as bombs
when they hit the ground

-Hawksley Workman, Big wet tears
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2008-09-01 07:58 pm
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All is groovy

Wow. I'm very proud of my day. I woke up at a reasonable hour and I wasn't hungover from last nights one buck beers. I had breakfast (I usually never do) then went grocery shopping with my mom. For once, I actually used my money to buy useful things (shampoo, laundry soap, toilet paper) ALL on sales (I know, I amaze myself). I EXERCISED ( O_O ) for the biggest part of the afternoon. Then went for a walk and finished the book I was currently reading (Burroughs, The Lost boys. I know, it took me ages.) But wait, it's not over. I got back home, washed my laundry, cleaned my bathroom, put the laundry in the dryer and took a shower. And now, My plans to go to the movies tomorow night is actually going to happen tonight, so I'm going to The Imax at 9:45 pm to see The Dark Knight with Marie-C.

I don't even have words for this. I can usually squeeze ONE of these activities in one day and that's if I'm lucky. :)

There's one thing that made me pretty disapointed, though. Sebastien called from France while I was sleeping and I didn't hear the phone rigning so I missed his call. I haven't received any news from him since he's left so I was worrying a bit, but the fact that he called at least means he is still alive. :/ I really hope I can catch him the next time he tries to call.
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2008-09-01 02:29 am
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I can see the crowd around me

Woah. So basically everyone's gone Seb is gone to France and we gotta keep Fannie busy!!(and I'll say whatever I want about it, but no words can convey how grateful I am that this happened without me having to ask anything from anyone.) So on the 28th I was working at night, and the 29th Hubert the 2nd invited me over to his place and we watched the first three episedes of Firefly and I LOVED it. (can't wait to watch more!!) Yesterday I spent most of the day with Mom and we rented Breaking and Entering starring Jude Law and Juliette Binoche. It was an excellent movie. For some reason, when I'm with my mom I always seem to rent movies in which guys cheat on their wives, and this once, we actually still liked the cheating guy. He was an alright sort of bloke (and he was Jude Law. lol) Later that night, another of my friend came over and we played Mario Galaxy on the Wii. She left at about 3 am. Tonight, I went out with one of my friend who has been working out of town in a radio station and we went pretty wild on the one buck beers. (Her, her sister, Hubert the second and I) La Petite Grenouille was ON FIRE with people there for the labour day party. The signer guys were awesome too. Also, I'll go see Batman again on Tuesday night with Marie-C. (from the 30th Wii game night).

So basically, friends are <3. Especially when you think you don't have any and they suddenly pop out of nowhere to your rescue in the darkest times. <3<3<3

EDIT: I hate the Rich text format. It makes me feel stupid for remembering what little stupid piece of html I still know.
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2006-01-12 03:02 pm

I mean I really think you like me

I woke up with a Brokeback plot bunny chewing at my brain. (Yeah saw I just feel like everything about it has already been said in [ profile] wranglers .)Didn't write it. It will hop away to somebody else. And tell all its friend to stop pitying that lazy person who's brain doesn't taste so good anyway. Fuck my writer's ethic anyway. I can't write you plotbunnies from hell! *shakes fist* I gotta finish my very delayed Secret Stacy X-Mas Present first.

The new Placebo singles are running around the internet and I can't download them because my computer is utter, utter crap. So, since I very well can't go all whiny about it in the 'cebo comms, this will be my Oosama no mimi wa roba no mimi!! (Literally: "The king had donkey ears". Japanese myth. bleh.). Gyaaaarrgh!! I want them I want them I want them!!!! I don't wanna have to wait til bloddy March to get the album!!! They're right there under my nose and everybody is talking about them and uuuuurgh... TT_TT. rant

I love Conor Oberst. I mean, I liked Bright Eyes before today, but surfing the net I found this ) and now I love Conor Oberst. But shhh. Don't tell him.
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2006-01-03 10:39 pm
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Random Update

Happy New Year everyone. I hope you have a good one. May it be better than the last and less goood than the next. (is there an actual english wording of that expression? because it sounds awkward like that =S)

Haven't seen Brokeback mountain yet. Damn!... I tried not to spoil myself rotten but I'm sure I'll cry like a motherf*cker when I'll see it. I'm not that much of a sensitive person but yeah, "Boys don't cry" had my in a trembling mess of tears all balled up on my sofa. ( and it was the third time that I saw it eh. u_u;; ) Everytime the ad is on tv, I go *sobsob* in that fake manner (I always do that. I think people find it weird.) And my dad, (who doesn't find it that weird because he knows me ^_-) goes "Why do you want to see that cow-boy movie so bad? You never liked cow-boy movies before... unless it's that gay thing again... *eyes QaF dvd suspiciously* Oh well! Do buy it when it comes ou on dvd, yes?" ... O.o

Been spending way too many sleepless nights, but at laest they weren't spent alone and in order to finish uninteresting homework. More on that later, or another day, or never.

Went shopping with Laurie last Friday. I was cruising the english manga section when I saw the white words on te brown book spine. 'Wild Rock'. In retrospet, I understand the woman that was standing next for jumping at my "OH MY GOD!!!!O_O YAY!" Seeing my agitation my sister came towards me and saw that I was clutching the book ( whose cover consist of a very sexy, very half-naked Emba)

Laurie:*amused* That does seem like your kind of reading, sis.
Me: I've spent hours right-clicking-saving-as page by page of this off the internet!
Clerk-lady passing-by: Oh that one is prety hard core, I skimmed trouh it when we received it earlier.
Me: *blushes while thinking that Wild Rock is nowhere near what I consider Hard Core*
Laurie: Oh she knows! She's read it all already *beams*
Me:o_o erh... eheheh u_u;;; I checked out the scanlation on internet...*blushblushblush*

I wanted to write a very long random update but I really just want to go to sleep so yeah. More tomorrow if i feel like it.

Good night everyone. *waves*

(This is the first time that I will be using tags because I didn't know how to use them before. me <------- idiot)
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2005-06-16 10:45 am
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Hey You

Mmh Mmh Mmh....
Been working a lot lately. Which is both good and bad.

Good becaude prom is one paycheck away and my bank balance always reaches zero in between two paychecks and I still have so many things to buy.
Necklace. Bracelet or flowers. Sandals. Alcohol. Hair job. and if I can manage maybe I could buy something for dad on father's day. (yeah go ahead, say it, I'm a horrible daughter. -.-;)

But it's also bad because... well because work sucks ^^;;; I mean the percentage grease/hair gets alarming when I get home and let's be honnest here, McFuck is the possible worst job ever. So why the hell have you been working there for two years? you ask. Because I'm too lazy to be bothered to find something else. So yeah, this is self-imposed misery so I shall stop whining right about now.

Mars Landing Party is a jewel, but seriously, I can't listen to it anytime and anywhere I want unlike most Placebo fans. My dad speaks nothing but french so of course " Embrasse-moi, met ton doigt dans mon cul,une présence ambigue, une présince inconnu jusqu'à ce que j'en peux plus" has got him going: O_O . Imagine. "Kiss me, put your finger up my ass, an ambiguous presence, an unknown presence, until I can take no more" Wouldn't YOUR parents/friends/surrounding go O_O ? ^^;; anyway, my dad's weird so he was like: "Music nowadays is most interesting..." XD dad you're priceless.

Yay! I'm currently typing my Jack Fairy short story! So it really should be up by *next* week because my English teacher needed threats to get bothered to find it >.< It's not that good but still, my first piece of Velvet Goldmine Fanfiction.

Lol... I watched 'Wilde'with Jessy boy on Tuesday. twas funny. He was all
"When does Jude Law come along? Do we get to see his ass? OMG that old pervert is into young guys. Did he actully sleep with his wife? eew!"

no body here knows *who* is Oscar Wilde so I couldn't expect any better coming from dear jessy. ^^;;
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2005-04-25 12:14 am
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Am I the only person who think that street lights changing in the middle of the night when there is no one to watch is poetic?

Spent an hour writting a post about Mickael yesterday night but my computer went nutters and crashed thus erasing it. It's better this way. I mean, how much can you write in your LJ before you become a pathetic needy open book.

Why am I so fucking scared of people?

I want Zoolander slash!XD

Gotta get my hands on my English scrapbook. All my crap school poetry is in it (including the infamous gay boy one!!XD). I'd like to post it here. It's crap but I like it. I like crap. Probably why I'm still working at McDon'tgothere.

Et, just parce que ça fait vraiment trop longtemps que ne n'ai pas taper en français, un peu de pratique!! ^^;; Je devrais vraiment me mettre a traduire mes foutus fanfics. Bordel que chuis conne. Paresseuse et conne. Je devrais pas faire tant de choses en meme temps. Surtout quand je sais très bien que je suis incapable de mener un projet à terme correctement. Oooh... je pourrais traduire 'L'Incompris'.

rough translation of a french poem of mine...Here goes:

Read more... )

It is very weird in english...O.o

The other day, my mother called me Gary. (Gary=French jerk lover-boy, retired mailman who stole her away from us with his fancy words and sharp political opinions and money ) She always had a hard time with names she'd usually list 'em all until she got the right one. I was often 'Laurie-Richard-Sissi(dog)-Bibi(cat)-Fannie'. I never minded 'Laurie-Richar-Sissi-Bibi'. Somehow 'Gary-Fannie' made me feel the urge to slap her. But then we were on the phone so hey what could I do?


Love meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

I'm so fucking patethic.

Feel like drawing. Or writting that sorta NC-17 zoolander slash idea. mmh... slash. Slash should be a ice cream flavour. The senseless 'I WANNA LICK YOU YAOI-KUN' written on the first page of my agenda would make much much much more sense.

I'll stop now. because i have to stop or else i'll spend all night typing non senses.

adkvnaio0nhaionbai0nbipENFI0GER HJQOGNJ20CV9QGJ IPSJmci0qehm 0ve;qlch g1io0ehy01gieg1cp9vj,djf890c7rj,fkvm90rcfi,jlrnmjioemucv90wr,jédfiouvjicaàb.0t,k8chm0cv89,cjpfbjkzsoprueifj,klcvi;diaxèqwer8-0,

Bonne Nuit à tous ceux que j'aime.
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2005-04-12 01:48 am
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I'm soooo needy...

I was flipping channels yesterday and saw that 'Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind' was on. Having wanted to watch that movie since I first heard of it, I settled to it. Instantly, Jim Carrey's (dubbed French) voice said something like 'Why do I always fall in love with the women who pay the slightest attention to me?'. How true! How true! Humans are such phylanthropes. Maybe I'm even weirder than I thought, but sometimes, running through, some-ramdom-people-I-don't-know's livejournal makes me fall in love with pecular inividuals that I don't know that will never hear about me. It happened again tonight and I'm feeling inexplicably erh... happy? about it. *sigh* Don't you wish i could be normal? I haven't been in real love for too long. I have too much to give, it's driving me insane. So come and get your share of my precious love while it's on sale.
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2005-04-10 08:51 pm

Welcome to My Place!

*takes a deep breath* Aaah! Doesn't it smell new around here?? ^^;; eheh. Anyway, I was in need of serious changes and since I had trouble with my blog and had wanted to be a part of LJ for a long time, the opportunity seemed golden. I'm HTML stupid but I'm trying to learn. Cope with me ^^;;

My week-end has been the best in a long time. First, no work! I don't know how it happened, but I wasn't scheduled at all this week-end. *dances* So Friday night I went to Sabrina's place. She was having a small party and it was surprisingly fun. Now that most of my friends have boyfriends, it's kinda depressing to watch them kiss and snog. If at least it was Jessy and a nameless boyfriend *sigh* I miss Francis already. He was such a nice guy. Ok, our musical tastes and interests were north and south but he was really sweet. Jessy, get your ass on the dancefloor and get a new boyfriend. I'm in need of real in-front-of-me live gay snogging. Or maybe I'm just fed up with him trying to have serious conversations with me when I'm feeling fine.*sigh*

Fannie: *happyhappysmilyday!dancesdances!*
Jessy: So, how's your relationship with your mom?
Fannie: *twitch* No different than this morning when you asked.

So anyway, at about 2 o'clock am most of my friends were a)drunk, b) snogging c)sleeping on the floor d) all of the above. I rang my dad and he came to pick me up. We dropped Audrée, Alexandre, Marie-Hélène and Vincent at their respective places and I finally got back home where my brand new Queer as Folk 4th season DVD pack was waiting for me. I fell asleep on episode two and, instead of going to the marching band practice, spent all day in bed Saturday and devoured to season like a famished wolf. Sincerely! My dad seemed to find it very amusing, how I'd only come out of my room for food and apple juice. I was glued to the screen!

At around 5, Jonathan came by, we had planned earlier that week that we'd go to the movie theatre to watch Sin City. Though it went pretty hardcore with the tits and the ass (to quote Red Hot Chili Pepper 'Aeroplane' video producer), it was very well done, artistically speaking. I have to admit that some dialogues and the way some of the actors acted were not veryconvincing, but overall, it was very good and worth the 8.50$. I'm looking forward to a sequel.

Today was pretty much a lazy day too. I watched the two last episodes of QaF, moved some posters around on my bedroom walls in order to have spots of choice for my gorgeous, gorgeous, Placebo posters (*drool*), watched the first episode of the French version of the American series 'Desperate Housewives' which was quite funny and finally decided to go on the computer. I caught up on the few Sublunary (one of the only webcomic that I can get myself to follow) panels that I had missed, decided to create this account and spent the rest of the day creating icons.

That's what I call a pretty neat week-end! Back to school tomowrrow, I'm fed up with the Romeo and Juliet dama practice, can't believe I agreed to play Friar Laurence *rolls eyes* yeah, go ahead laugh, you ahve my permission. *hangs head in shame*. But overall I'm feeling quite fine and it feels good not to be depressed =)